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Marco Mazzoli (Marco Donatello Mazzoli), a prominent name in the panorama radio Italian, was born on 20 October 1972 in the city of Milano. Now he is proudly a citizen US.

Mazzoli achieved fame thanks to his famous radio show, '105 Zoo', a project created and conducted by himself and broadcast by the well-known Radio 105.

Her popularity is reaching new tops just recently, thanks to the victory de The Island of the Famous 2023. His witty character, contagious irony and sympathy have Donato liveliness to the atmosphere among the shipwrecked. But it was his emotionality and sensitivity that captivated and conquered the public.

Biography and origins of Marco Mazzoli

Marco Mazzoli It is born in 1972, precisely on October 20 in Milan. His origins are Italian and although he was born in the Bel Paese, when he was very young he moved to Los Angeles, in the United States. The choice was dictated by work of his father: in fact he worked for Walt Disney.

When he was just a little boy decides to return to Italy to make his own dream in radio. In fact, ever since he was just a child he has had a strong passion for music. We don't have much information about his family and past because, despite his notoriety, he never loved share certain information.

Work and career of Marco Mazzoli

With regard to the career and the professional field of Marco Mazzoli we have much more information. After the period spent in America, Marco returns to Italy and begins to work for some issuers locals. His debut will be in 1987, when he was just a kid.

In 1993, Mazzoli made his leap of quality as he obtained an important role at Radio RTL 102.5 In 1995 and 1996 he even collaborated with Radio Capital and two years later he entered the great family of Radio 105.

In 1999, the radio for which he worked (105) opens and inaugurates a headquarters in New York City and is offered to lead from the United States. The program will take the name of 105 New York. Here he will stay for a short time where he will be able to tell his stories experiences both Italian and American, but after a while he returned to Italy.

Always in the 1999 idealizes and conducts the program entitled 105 Zoo. Thanks to this, Marco Mazzoli gains fame and notoriety and this time it will not be only locally, but nationally. The format is very particular and focuses on satire and it is the only program to be completely devoid of censorship. For this reason, he has been suspended several times.

Let's get to 2013, a very important year for Mazzoli as he wins the Gold Headphones as a RadioSocial personality and Lo Zoo di 105 gets recognition Jokes&Laughter. At the end of the year, Mazzoli returns to Miami to host the program entitled The Italian Brunch, broadcast on the American radio Revolution 93.5.

Finally, Marco is also one writer and has published two books in collaboration with his cousin Davide Simon Mazzoli. The first yes entitles X-ray of a dj you don't like and the second Never give up – 105 zoo bad luck and revenge.

Private life of Marco Mazzoli

With regard to the vita privata by Marco Mazzoli, by now we know very well his love for wife Stefania and his affection towards his own animals. He got married in 2010 together with Stephanie Pittalunga who is there by profession Marketing Director of US radio Revolution 93.5. The couple has no children and lives together with their two cats and dog. During his stay on the island he again made the marriage proposal to his wife, to make a big wedding, given that the first time they got married in the Municipality very quickly.

Marco Mazzoli and his animals

Marco Mazzoli he has a deep passion for animals, so much so that he considers them an integral part of his family. This emotional bond is deeply rooted in her heart and reflects her staunch position on animal adoption.

A living example of his love for the "fours" is Zak, a faithful dog that Mazzoli considers a real life partner. But her family's circle of pets isn't limited to Zak. Also includes dessert Camilla , often called Milla, e Lucky, an adorable black kitten.

Zak joined him, for a surprise, even on the island together with his wife Stefania.

Marco Mazzoli: official competitor of L'Isola dei Famosi

On Monday, April 17, 2023, he entered the toughest reality show ever. We are obviously talking about The Island of the Famous. He managed to stand out clearly, together with his friend Paolo (who then had to withdraw), until he reached the final.

Finally, Marco Mazzoli won L'Isola dei Famosi 2023.

Curiosity about Marco Mazzoli

Marco Mazzoli is a very impressive radio figure. We don't have much information about him, but here are some of them curiosity.

  • In 1995 he hosted the Castrocaro Festival, broadcast on Rai1;
  • In 2006 and 2007 he was a correspondent for Striscia la Notizia together with his friend and colleague Paolo noise;
  • From 2016 is the protagonist of the film On Air – Story of a success.

Marco Mazzoli's social profiles

Marco Mazzoli, in addition to being a radio broadcaster, is also very active on social. Here are the direct links to his profiles.

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