Who is Meret: biography, career and figures of the Napoli goalkeeper

Alex Meret, SSC Napoli goalkeeper, in training

Alex Meret arrived at Napoli in 2018 and since then he has conquered more and more space in the ranks of the blue team, even coming to wear the national team shirt soccer team of Italy.

Below you will find all the information about Alex Meret.

The biography of Alex Meret

Alex Meret was born on March 22, 1997 in Udine. To be precise, he is originally from Flambruzzo, a small fraction of the municipality of Rivignano. It is precisely in a local team, ASD Rivolto, that he begins to kick a ball for the first time.

Meret's career

Alex Meret begins his career inASD Facing. Subsequently, from 2006 to 2012, he played in the youth teams of Donatello, and then move on to the youth teams ofUdinese.

In 2015 he joined Udinese's first team, as assistant to Karnezis, who he would later find again at Napoli. Here, unfortunately, he is unable to collect any presence.

From 2016 to 2019, Meret played on loan for SPAL, a team where he made his bones and collected 43 appearances and 42 goals conceded. Here he won the Serie B championship and played his first matches in Serie A.

Il Napoli buy Meret in 2018 for 26 million euro. In a short time he gains more and more space in the Neapolitan team, until he becomes its owner. With the Neapolitans he wins the 2019-2020 Italian Cup.

His performances make him conquer the shirt of National in 2019, with which he won the European 2020.

During his career he suffered numerous injuries, from which he always recovered promptly.

Role and technical characteristics of Meret

Alex Meret is tall 192 cm and weighs about 82 kg. He has an excellent physical structure and his explosiveness helps him a lot in the role of goalkeeper. Despite his height, he is very agile and has excellent reflexes.

Meret's numbers and statistics

Meret has stood out as a good goalkeeper, with a total of 89 saves out of 80 appearances for Napoli up until December 2022.
Over the course of his career he made 182 saves in 161 appearances.
In the national team 3 appearances and 2 saves.

How much does Meret earn at Napoli

The contract that binds Alex Meret to Napoli provides for a salary of € 1,5 million net per season. Including various bonuses, the figure rises to €2 million net per year.

The contract stipulated by Napoli and the Friulian goalkeeper will expire in 2024.

Meret's family

Alex Meret doesn't like to spread a lot of information about his family. Despite this, we know who his partner is Deborah Roman. The two have become Parents of the little one Daniel.

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
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