Why is Osimhen still wearing the mask? History and injury

Osimhen wears his mask on the pitch

The injury of the November 21, 2021 played a significant role in the Nigerian striker's career, forcing him to a long stop. It was on that occasion that osimhen had to wear the mask which today, in part, made him famous. Initially planned only for the first few weeks after the operation it has now become a real signature.

The obligation to wear it has ceased for some time now, but the footballer insists: he absolutely doesn't want to take it off, he belongs of his ritual on the pitch.

What kind of injury did he have and in which game?

Il November 21, 2021 it marked the beginning of everything. During the match between Naples and Inter, osimhen he distinguished himself for a particularly hard fight in mid-air with the Nerazzurri defender, Milan Skriniar.

The back of the forehead of the Slovakian defender hit him violently cheekbone of the Nigerian striker, who fell to the ground in intense pain. As soon as he stood up by himself, the television footage already showed a unusual swelling on her face.

The surgery: what happened?

- exams conducted immediately after highlighted numerous bone fractures in the left eye area. It became necessary an operation of more than three and a half hours with 3 engravings, 6 plates and 18 screws sonly to close the fractures. There prognosis it was 90 days.

A cause of this incident, osimhen was forced to give up Africa Cup of Nations and has been wearing one ever since protective mask on the face.

Why osimhen don't want to take off the mask?

osimhen wearing the mask ( photo from Instagram account osimhen)

The reason is mostly symbolic, the trauma due to that injury is still alive in the memory of the player who was also forced to give up the African Cup because of the same.

And we are talking about a player who, in the course of his career, has never expressed any fear in flying clashes, whether they were in the penalty area or not.

What was the first mask for osimhen

The first mask worn by the attacker it was definitely different from the one he wore in the 2022/2023 season.

In fact the same it had to cover the player's entire face as it was seriously damaged by the impact, to the point that, as already mentioned, 3 and a half hours of surgery were required and 90 days of prognosis to simply get it back on its feet.

The second mask of osimhen: how it is made and what it is for

La second mask it's more small, mostly has a protective purpose and it covers only part of the face differently from the first. A decidedly unexpected mask on the first day of training camp in Dimaro, when the attacker showed up wearing it, given that by now everyone was taking it for granted that he would never use it again.

Victor's mask osimhen It is made of a flexible and breathable plastic material. It is designed to protect the player's face and nose from injuries and bruises. The mask It has an aerodynamic shape which helps reduce air resistance while running. It also has a clear visor that protects the player's eyes from impacts and splashes.

La maschera it was designed by a team of specialized engineers and doctors in sports equipment. It has been laboratory tested to ensure it is safe and effective.

We have delivered the new mask in carbon to Victor osimhen, is much more usable and lighter. Tailor-made, especially on her face, it will allow him to have a better view.

- Orthopedics Ruggero

How long osimhen will wear the mask

Being a medical device that the player can already remove there is no real expiry in its use, but based on what the attacker has declared we will see the mask throughout the 2023/202 season4.

The mask now almost has the function of a amulet, the attacker will most likely feel more confident after the huge trauma also psychological which he underwent.

The mask, symbol of Naples

Il 4 May 2023 il Napoli mathematically won it title. The city celebrated a long-awaited joy for 33 years and how symbol major, besides obviously Maradona, we also have her: the mask of osimhen. Even before the victory we could see it on prints, T-shirts and even sweets.

After its historic action, it was its own osimhen your medical device a score the equalizer (away from home, in the 52nd minute against Udinese) who provided the team with the necessary points to be unattainable in the standings.

Today the mask, even more, has become a object it represents effectively the unforgettable Napoli of this season.

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