Who is Rrahmnai: biography, career and figures of the Napoli defender

Amir Kadri Rrahmani, SSC Napoli footballer, in action with the Kosovar national team
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Amir Kadri Rrahmani is a full-time Napoli footballer defender. Arrived at Naples in 2020, he established himself in the ranks of the Neapolitans in a short time.

Below is everything you need to know about Amir Kadri Rrahmani's life and career.

The biography of Amir Kadri Rrahmani

Rrahmani was born in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, on 24 February 1994. Despite this, the footballer enjoys both Albanian and Kosovar nationality, acquired only in 2016.

Rrahmani's career

His youth career began relatively late, in 2008 at the age of 14, when he joined the ranks of Drenica, small team from Kosovo. In 2011, he made his debut in the first team again at Drenica, where in two years he totaled 40 appearances and 1 goal.

In 2013, switch to the Partizan Tirana and made his debut in the top flight of the Albanian championship. In this team he totals 59 appearances and 3 goals.

In 2015, switch toRNK Split, which plays in the top flight of the Croatian league. In just one year he collects 41 appearances and 1 goal.

He then goes on loan Lokomotiva Zagreb, also a top-flight team in the Croatian league. Here he totals 28 appearances and 1 goal.

The real leap in quality came in 2017, when the Dinamo Zagreb buy his card for 1,6 million euros. In this team he collects 40 appearances and 4 goals.

In July 2019 comes the call of Verona, team with which he obtained 36 appearances, but no goals.

The call of Napoli, who pays 14 million euros for him, arrives in 2020. In the blue team he finds it a bit difficult to emerge due to competition from Koulibaly and COVID-19, but then manages to establish himself as a starter with the arrival of Spalletti.

Between 2014 and 2015 he was among the players of the Albanian national team. Since 2016, however, he has been a regular owner and captain of the senior national team of Kosovo.

Role and technical characteristics of Rrahmani

Rrahmani fills the role of central defender. 192 centimeters tall and weighing 88 kilograms, he enjoys a powerful physique and good marking skills. Good in setting up, he also proved to be suitable in covering the role of full-back and in aerial play.

How much does Rrahmani earn at Napoli

The contract that binds Rrahmani to Napoli provides for a net salary of 1,8 million euro. These figures do not take into account any image rights.

Rrahmani's contract will expire in 2024.

Rrahmani's family

The footballer is very reserved about his private life. Sometimes he posts a few family photos on Instagram, but nothing else.

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