Osimhen cake, after the success it is delivered to the footballer

Osimhen cake delivered to the champion by the pastry chef

An iconic dessert of this Napoli season, a winner like no team ever, is right there cake osimhen created by the pastry chef Salvatore Mellone di Fresh from the Piscinola oven.

A real success for the idea, a dessert that is selling like hot cakes for how simple it is to make.
The idea is to reproduce the features of the footballer, including blond curls, with the ingredients of the cake, but the real eye-catcher gives the mask, now a symbol of the player all over the world.

The delivery of the cake and the gratitude of osimhen

After a long wait, the pastry chef's dream has finally come true, managed to deliver one of the cakes to the champion who, extremely amused, was very grateful.

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