Who is Osimhen: bio, career and numbers of the Napoli striker

Half bust of Victor Osimhen with the Napoli shirt

Victor Osimhen is arrived in Naples in 2020 and since then he has conquered the hearts of Neapolitan fans with goals.

Below you will find everything you need to know about Victor Osimhen's life and career.

Victor Osimhen's biography

Victor Osimhen was born in Lagos, in Nigeria, the 29 December 1998. His full name is Victor James Osimhen and he is the youngest of six siblings.

His surname "Osimhen" in the language spoken in Ishan means "God is good".

As a child, Victor helped his very poor family by selling bags of water and other goods on the streets of Lagos. Meanwhile, he attended Olusosun elementary school, where he started kicking a ball.

Osimhen's career

The first team to notice Osimhen was a small youth team from Lagos, the Strikers Academy. From 2010 to 2017, Victor played in this formation.

Upon reaching the age of 18, the Wolfsburg he notices the boy and immediately makes him sign a contract for three and a half seasons. On German soil, Osimhen collects 15 appearances and 0 goals. Despite the absence of goals, Victor has a lot of experience and is noticed by Charleroi, the team to which he moved on loan. Here come his first satisfactions: in his second season as a professional, Victor scores 12 goals in 25 appearances in the Pro League, the top Belgian championship.

Il Purple notices the performance of the young Nigerian talent and in 2019 buys it for the beauty of 12 million euros. In Ligue 1, Osimhen scored 13 goals in 27 league appearances, confirming himself as a great talent.

Three years after his pro debut, the Napoli detects the Osimhen card in 2020 for around 70 million euros. This makes Victor Osimhen the most expensive purchase in the entire history of Naples. The numbers, however, prove the Campanian club right, given that the Nigerian is maintaining a very high goal average.

The injury that forces Victor Osimhen to wear one dates back to the Neapolitan period protective mask during the games.

Role and technical characteristics of Osimhen

Victor Osimhen fills the role of striker. Able to play in any offensive position, he prefers the role of centre-forward.

186 centimeters tall, he is very fast and has good physical strength. He has excellent finishing skills.

Its technical characteristics are often associated with those of Didier Drogba.

How much does Osimhen earn at Napoli

The current contract that regulates relations between Naples and Osimhen provides for the following net engagement:

  • 4 million net until June 2022
  • 4,25 million net for 2023 and 2024
  • 4,5 million net for 2025

On 2021, Osimhen grossed a one-time bonus of €672.736. The Nigerian's contract also provides for other bonuses that are around one hundred thousand euros and which are activated upon reaching certain goal thresholds and certain phases of the various competitions.

As regards the image rights, Osimhen collected €609.921 net during the first year in Naples and will collect €691.518 net for each subsequent year.

Osimhen's family

Victor Osimhen's family is large. In fact, he is the last of six brothers.

Victor Osimhen's mother passed away a few years ago, while his father is called Patrick Osimhen.

Victor cares deeply about his family's privacy and doesn't like to divulge details about it. It is known that his girlfriend is called Stephanie and that the two have a daughter.

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
Image source: Osimhen official Instagram account
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