Ransom attempt for Ndombele: Napoli ask for a discount

Ndombele on the pitch with Calcio Napoli

Napoli is working to redeem the midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, currently on loan from England club Tottenham.
The Neapolitan leadership is moving to get a discount on the original price of the player's card, hoping to conclude the deal in a favorable manner.

Details of the deal

The original figure and the will of the player

The original amount for the ransom of Ndombele is 28 million euros, but Napoli are trying to reduce it through skillful negotiation.
The French footballer proved his will to remain in the Neapolitan team and this could play in the club's favor in the negotiation.

It seems probable, therefore, a brief return of the footballer to the London headquarters to then return to the Neapolitan territory shortly after the agreement was concluded.

The performance of Ndombele in the field

Ndombele showed great performance during his experience in Italy, managing to integrate well into the team and becoming a key element for Napoli. His contribution has been fundamental in many matches, and this could push the management to work hard for his redemption.

The future of Ndombele in Naples

If Napoli manages to obtain a discount on the price tag, it will be easier to guarantee the permanence of Ndombele in blue shirt.
However, negotiations are still ongoing and we will have to wait to see what the final outcome will be.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Instagram @ndombele_22
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