Who is Ndombelé: biography, career and figures of the Napoli midfielder

Tanguy Ndombélé, new acquisition of Napoli, with the Tottenham shirt

Even today it was the most expensive purchase in the history of Tottenham. The English club, in fact, paid out for Tanguy Ndombele as many as 60 million plus 10 in bonuses Lyon, then owner of the tag. Today, the French footballer, considered one of the most important talents of recent years, reaches the Napoli at the court of Luciano Spalletti.

The figures of Ndombelé's loan to Napoli

Tanguy Ndombéle arrive at Napoli in the shape of loan onerous with the right to redemption. The loan, set at € 1 million, provides for a redemption of approximately € 30 million (including bonuses).

The salary that Napoli will pay to Ndombélé

The President Aurelio De laurentiis set the figure for the engagement of the French footballer al Napoli. This is 2,5 million euros per season, or less than half of what was received at Tottenham. It will be the English club, in fact, to pay Ndombele the remaining part of the salary.

Ndombélé's biography

Born December 28, 1996 a Longjumeao, in the Île de France, Tanguy Ndombele is a French national, with Congolese origins. Her parents, in fact, emigrated to France laid down by the Republic Democratic of the Congo, looking for better living conditions for them and their children.

Ndombélé's childhood

With a strongly introverted character, Tanguy Ndombele he did not usually speak easily with other people, always maintaining a certain distance and detachment. A shyness that then, as he grew up, went to lessen, subjugated above all by his passion for football. Already at the age of 5, in fact, the young man Tanguy convinced his parents to enroll him in a football school. He wanted to become a professional footballer.

Ndombélé's career

At 6, the very young Ndombele is registered by the parents atEpinay-sous-Sénart, a team on the outskirts of Paris. In 2005 he moved toFC d'Épinay Athletico until 2009 when he marries ESA Linas-Montlhéry, a sports club near the family home.

The turning point at Guingamp

The decision, a few years later, to be part of the Guingamp, he threw Ndombele to the fore as one of the best talents around in French football. The club, known above all for having launched several players who ended up in Ligue1 or in the panorama of world football stars, such as Didier Drogba, gives him the opportunity to grow not only on a football level, but also on a personal level. All this until 2016, when he switches toAmiens.


The technical characteristics of Ndombélé

Tanguy Ndombele He is a central midfielder, gifted with excellent quality in both ball possession and vertical passing. He has excellent dribbling and can be used as an inside midfield, or alternatively as a midfielder. Skills that will allow him to be deployed by Luciano Spalletti both in the standard 4-2-3-1, and in a narrower 4-3-3.

Ndombélé's private life

Not much is known about the family and private life of Tanguy Ndombele. The footballer, in fact, has always been very careful not to reveal too many details outside of football. Of the parents, in fact, we only know that they come from the Republic Democratic of the Congo. Currently, he does not appear to have a girlfriend and, therefore, should be single.

Image credits: Official Instagram Ndombélé (@ ndombele_22)

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Written by Robert Marcamo
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