Naples transfer market, Lozano refuses. The point on the negotiations

Napoli soccer players on the field

The transfer market is often a maze of news, rumors and negotiations, and for football fans SSC Napoli, the summer is full of interesting developments.
From contract renewals to new purchases, passing through more delicate situations, there is a lot to talk about.

Here's a closer look.

Who has already renewed the contract

The start of the season brings with it the positive announcement of Mario's renewal RuiNapoli defender. An extension until 2028 which strengthens the defense and gives a certain stability to the team.

A positive sign, but it is only the tip of the iceberg of the ongoing operations.

Negotiations in progress

Napoli never sleeps, especially when it comes to signings. The deal with Gabri veiga of the Celta Vigo looks almost done.

After days of virtual handshakes and exchanges of metaphorical glances, the two teams they seem to have found the right deal. Serie A will be enriched with a new talent who seems ready to take the Italian stage.

Renewals still pending official announcement

But not everything is so simple in the world of football, and Napoli still have several threads to tie.

Victor osimhen it could be on the threshold of a renewal that could make it become the highest paid player in the club's history. The papers appear ready, but the signature is still pending.
An anticipation that keeps everyone in suspense.

Lush refuses the renewal, the situation with the Mexican becomes more complicated

And here we are at the juiciest part of the story. Hirving Lush, the Mexican with an uncertain future. A disappointing season a renewal offer not up to expectations and rejection.

There is talk of MLS, there is talk of a return to the homeland, but the truth is still shrouded in fog.
De Laurentiis is grappling with a complicated puzzle, and time is running out.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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