Transfer market: will Demme leave Napoli? The agent's statement on the matter

Diego Demme in a friendly match against Napoli in Roccaraso

The Naples of De Laurentiis and Giuntoli does not seem willing to make major changes during the winter transfer window. Apart from the purchase of Bereszynski, it doesn't seem that the Neapolitans will carry out any other operations.

The biggest unknown concerns the future of Diego Demme, a footballer who until recently has been at the center of many market rumors.

Spalletti wants Demme at Napoli

Luciano Spalletti, coach of Napoli, has firmly asked for Demme's stay in blue.

To clarify the situation and silence all the rumors, the player's agent, Marco Busiello, released some statements to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo.

According to Busiello, Demme is living his Neapolitan experience very well and feels happy and satisfied because things are going well at the group level. Also, the The relationship between Demme and Spalletti is very calm and there have never been any problems or disagreements.

“Diego Demme is living like everyone else, very well. He is very happy, happy because things are going well at the group level. It cannot be otherwise.

Diego is a very simple guy in some respects, he's not a person who creates problems. The relationship is very calm, there have never been any jolts of any kind, never any arguments".

Demme's future

As for the footballer's future, Busiello said that there's not much chance of seeing it go away from Naples. In fact, the club has confirmed Demme and has no intention of selling him, either temporarily or definitively. There have been no concrete contacts with other clubs and all transfer market rumors are just chatter.

“Ability to leave? There are very few at the moment because Napoli have confirmed Demme, they want to keep him and have no intention of selling him either temporarily or definitively. We remain very calm. Contacts with other clubs? Nothing concrete. As in all markets, there are many rumors going around, many situations. In reality, there is very little concrete. Demme is a special boy, his daughter will be born in a few days and I wish him a special wish for the happy event".

Finally, Busiello expressed the desire that Napoli can win the Scudetto, recalling the excitement and joy that such a triumph could bring to the city.

"Those my age remember Napoli's last Scudetto and we know what kind of joy and celebration it can bring to the city and I hope that the happy ending can come."

The story between Naples and Diego (name so dear to the Neapolitans) therefore seems destined to continue!

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
Image source: SSC Napoli Instagram profile
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