Napoli transfer market, winter operations: let's take stock

The goalkeeper Sirigu just before Verona Naples

In the past few hours, it is The winter transfer market session is closed. For Napoli it was a decidedly quiet session and aimed above all at a lightening of the squad.

Unlike other years, no one has complained about missing market "smash" during this transfer market session. The results achieved by the team after the harsh criticism in the summer transfer market probably proved everything there was to prove.

Below is one summary of the winter transfer market session of Naples with all arrivals and departures.

The new arrivals at Naples

During this winter transfer market session, Napoli saw only two incoming players:

  • Bereszynski, defender from Sampdoria
  • Gollini, goalkeeper from Fiorentina

Bereszynski, born in 1992, arrived in Naples on a six-month loan deal with a right to buy at €1,8 million. The operation also provided for the return of goalkeeper Contini, who was immediately loaned to Reggina.

Even the goalkeeper Gollini, born in 1995, arrives in Naples with the formula of the loan with the right to buy set at 8 million euros. To be precise, the goalkeeper first moved from Fiorentina to Atalanta and then immediately to Napoli.

Who leaves Naples: the transfers

During this winter transfer market session Napoli has three outgoing players:

  • Sirigu, goalkeeper at Fiorentina
  • Zanoli, defender at Sampdoria
  • Contini, goalkeeper to the Queen

Sirigu, born in 1987, flew to Fiorentina in search of more space on the pitch. The goalkeeper, with a great deal of experience in big teams, couldn't find space in Naples and went to Florence in search of new adventures. The goalkeeper left Napoli on payment of a €100.000 clause.

Alexander Zanoli, born in 2000, moved to Sampdoria on loan. The youngster will try to gain experience in the Genoese team.

Nikita Contini, born in 1996, did not even have time to set foot again in Naples (as a counterpart in the Bereszynski deal), who was immediately transferred on loan to Reggina, where he will remain at least until the end of the Serie B championship.

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
Image source: SSC Napoli Instagram profile
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