Who is Politano: biography, career and figures of the Napoli striker

Matteo Politano, SSC Napoli footballer, in a moment of relaxation

Matteo Politano is a footballer, who covers both the position of midfielder that of striker. In 2020 he moved to Napoli and has been a constant presence in the Neapolitan squad ever since.

Below is everything you need to know about Matteo Politano's life and career.

The biography of Matteo Politano

Matteo Politano was born in Rome on August 3, 1993.

In 2018 he married Silvia DiVincenzo, but the relationship ends in 2020, when Politano is seen in the company of PR and model Geneva SozziPaulo Dybala's ex-girlfriend. Currently, Matteo Politano and Ginevra Sozzi have had a daughter and are living together.

Politano's career

Matteo Politano began his sporting career in the youth sector of Selva Candida sports club. In 2004, it was noticed and bought by Roma, with whose training students won the 2009-2010 Student Championship.

The first experience among professionals comes in 2012, when he is loaned to Perugia. In his first championship in Lega Pro Prima Divisione he scored 8 goals in 28 appearances.

In 2013, it was purchased in co-ownership since Pescara, where he played until 2015 in Serie B, totaling 72 appearances and 11 goals.

In 2015, he was bought outright by Roma and then immediately sold to Sassuolo for 3,5 million euros with the formula of a loan with the right to buy. He made his Serie A debut on 23 August 2015 at the age of 22. With Sassuolo, as far as the Serie A championship is concerned, he totals 96 appearances and 20 goals.

THEInter, in June 2018, signed Politano with the formula of the loan with the right to buy. In the two years in Milan he brings home 47 presents and 5 goals, despite various injuries that have spoiled his performance.

The first convocation dates back to the Milanese period National. He currently appears to be among the stable squad of the Italian national football team.

In January 2020 he moved to Napoli with the two-year loan formula. In total, the Neapolitan team pays the Roman footballer 23,5 million euros. It is in Naples that Matteo Politano wins his first trophy among professionals: the 2019-2020 Italian Cup.

Role and technical characteristics of Politano

Matteo Politano mainly plays in the role of right wing, but also demonstrates good technical skills as a second striker or on the left wing. His natural foot is left handed.

Gifted with excellent athleticism and speed, he has also demonstrated prowess in dribbling. He has an eye for goal and manages to create many goal chances for his teammates.

Matteo Politano is 171 cm tall and weighs 67 kg.

How much does Politano earn at Napoli

The contract that binds Matteo Politano to Naples provides for a net salary for the player equal to 2,2 million euro (4,07 gross). The contract expires in 2024.

The figures of any bonuses and image rights are not known.

Politano's family

Matteo Politano has been engaged since 2020 to the PR and model Ginevra Sozzi. The two have a daughter, Giselle, born in 2021.

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
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