Who saw it, the cases and the guests tonight March 27th

Federica Sciarelli Who has seen it? @RaiPlay

This evening, at 21.20 su Rai 3, "Who has seen?" she returns to keep us company with her stories that challenge silence and oblivion. Federica Sciarelli will guide us through the unsolved mysteries of Antonella Di Massa, Giusy Ventimiglia e Paola Casali.

Between elusive clues and hopes that never fade, all we have to do is tune in to Rai 3 this evening. Let's see the cases in detail and what awaits us!

The case of Antonella Di Massa, what happened to her?

The evening opens with mystery which surrounds the disappearance and subsequent death of Antonella Di Massa a Casamicciola, in the idyllic setting ofisland of Ischia. The discovery of Antonella's body raised more questions what answers, pushing friends e family a doubt the suicide theory, despite the conclusions of theautopsy. The woman's body was found a few hundred meters from his car completely abandoned by a crew of Who Has Seen It.

A suspicious element emerges forcefully compared to the rest and raises numerous doubts: the presence of a womens near the place of discovery, real view seven days later the disappearance of Antonella.

Who was thewoman from the orange grove“? It could be the key to decipher this puzzle?


In Ischia the missing woman was found dead by two reporters from 'Chi l'ha visto': the death dates back to the last 24 hours #ischia #disappearance #Who has seen #antonelladimassa #firstnews

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The case of the disappearance of Giusy Ventimiglia

We will also address the case of Giusy Ventimiglia, disappeared in Bagheria in the distant 2016. After years of silence and mysteries, Carmelo, the young man Giusy's son, find the strength to break the silence. In front of the cameras of “Who has seen it?”, she will share unpublished details about his mother's life and the circumstances that preceded her death.

The case of the disappearance of Paola Casali

The focus then shifts up Paola Casali, whose life took an unexpected turn after separating from her husband. Venturing into a new life as a single, Paola may have crossed paths with an ambiguous figure, a man who constantly asked her for small amounts of money over the course of their relationship. She then disappeared after an appointment, and her family has been at peace ever since.

Paola's daughters, present in the studio, launch a heartbreaking appeal and provide crucial details about their mother, in the hope of illuminating the dark corners of this story.

Where to see Who's Seen It tonight on TV and streaming

Don't miss an appointment with Federica Sciarelli tonight 27 March 2024 21.20 su Rai 3. For those who prefer streaming, “Who saw it?” will also be available on RaiPlayboth live and on demand.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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