Closure of the Naples ring road from 10 to 15 July, that's where

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Attention, motorists! Starting July 10, for five consecutive nights, there will be scheduled closures on the Naples ring road. Here are the details.

Works in progress between Camaldoli and Arenella

The stretch between Camaldoli and Arenella, towards Capodichino/Autostrade, It will be closed to allow upgrading works on the “Vomero est” tunnel. This closure will take place in four nights starting July 10, and then again on the night of July 15.

Alternative route:

  • Compulsory exit at Camaldoli
  • Via Gabriele Jannelli
  • Via Simone Martini
  • Via Arenella
  • Via Giotto
  • Gold Medal Square
  • Via Giuseppe Orsi
  • Via Giacinto Gigante
  • Via Marino and Cotronei
  • Return to the ring road at the Arenella station

Closure between the hospital area and Camaldoli

The stretch between the hospital area and Camaldoli, towards Pozzuoli, will be closed to allow work on the West Vomero tunnel. This closure will take place for three nights starting July 10th. Furthermore, the Arenella station, at the entrance to Pozzuoli, will be closed.

Alternative route:

  • Compulsory exit to the Hospital Area
  • Via Pietravalle
  • via pansini
  • Via Montesano
  • Via Jannelli
  • Return on the ring road to Camaldoli

To close the Arenella entrance towards Pozzuoli, it is advisable to use Camaldoli.

Closure of the Capodimonte station

Capodimonte station, outgoing for those coming from Pozzuoliwill be closed to allow for maintenance work. This closure will take place from the night of July 10 until the morning of July 11.

Alternative route: Corso Malta exit.

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