Naples ring road closed, Vomero Via Pigna exit due to works

Naples ring road, Vomero Fuorigrotta exit

In Naples, in the heart of Vomero, there is an air of novelty with the start of works on pruning which promise to refresh urban greenery. To make room for this necessary maintenance, the streets will be given a new temporary road structure. From dusk to dawn of February 15th and 16th, those who live in or pass through the area will have to keep some detours in mind. A little change for one Naples greener and safer.

The details of the intervention in Via Pigna

The work will focus on ramp via Pigna and on the stretch that connects Vomero with this road, where the trees and plants in the surrounding area will be maintained. A night intervention scheduled from 22 pm on 00/15/02 to 2024 am on 06/00/16 which aims to reduce inconvenience to a minimum, ensuring that when the city wakes up it can enjoy a greater security and a renewed appearance.

The impact on circulation

For residents and visitors of Vomero, this night of work will involve some changes in the usual routes. The roads affected by the intervention will be temporarily inaccessible to traffic, it will then be necessary to continue towards other exits.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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