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For all users of the Neapolitan motorway network, it is essential be aware of upcoming scheduled closures. From 16 October 2023 there will be a series of interventions and traffic restrictions that could affect your usual routes.

Below is a detailed overview of closures and recommended alternative routes.

The dates and routes of scheduled closures

A series of infrastructural interventions and periodic maintenance they will affect various sections and junctions of the motorway network. The closure of some road segments will be inevitable, and as a result, some alternative routes will be proposed.

Hospital/Camaldoli area section

From 16, 19 and 20 October 2023, from 23pm to 00am the following day, the stretch will be closed Hospital Area/Camaldoli towards Pozzuoli. Vehicles coming from motorways are advised to use the alternative route via via Pietravalle, via S. Pansini, via D. Montesano, via G. Jannelli.

Doganella/Capodimonte section

On 17 and 18 October 2023, from 23pm to 00am, the section Doganella/Capodimonte It will be closed. There is a mandatory exit at Doganella, with recommended return at the entrance junction Capodimonte through streets like viale Umberto Maddalena e via Don Giovanni Bosco.

Arenella exit junction

On October 18, 2023, it Arenella exit junction it will be inaccessible from 23pm to 00am. For vehicles coming from Pozzuoli, the alternative exit will be Camaldoli.

Other closures and maintenance

In addition to the closures already mentioned, they are expected other interventions, including the paving of the right and central lane from km. 6+000 per km. 8+700 and the closure of the section Arco Felice/variant 7/IV Domitiana.

Here is a summary table of closings in October 2023:

Preferred DateOpening hoursDeals with
16 October23:00 - 06:00Hospital Area / Camaldoli
17 October23:00 - 06:00Camaldoli / Arenella-Hospital Area
17 October22:00 - 06:00Arco Felice / variant 7/IV Domitiana
18 October23:00 - 06:00Doganella / Capodimonte
18 October23:00 - 06:00Arenella exit junction
19 October23:00 - 06:00Arenella exit junction
19 October22:00 - 06:00Paving km. 6+000 per km. 8+700
20 October23:00 - 06:00Arenella exit junction
22 October08:30 - 09:00Corso Malta exit junction

How to request toll reimbursement

The procedure for requesting toll reimbursement involves several steps that users must follow carefully. It is essential that the user retains the double toll receipts as evidence of a possible double payment. Once you have the necessary documents, there are two main methods to submit your refund request.

  1. Via email: The user can send an email to the address The email should include a scan or clear photo of the duplicate receipts, along with all travel details such as the date, time and location of the duplicate payment.
  2. Manually: For those who prefer a more traditional route, it is possible to send the documents and information requested by ordinary mail to the address of the company that manages the ring road. It is recommended to use registered mail with return receipt to confirm receipt.

Once the request is received, the company will proceed with the checks of the case and, if everything is in order, will start the refund procedure. The times for completing the procedure may vary, but usually do not exceed 30 working days from receipt of the request.

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