Circumvesuviana, strong delays between Poggiomarino and Scafati

Circumvesuviana of Naples

La Circumvesuviana of Naples is facing interruptions in the service due to technical problems found among the stations of poggiomarino e Scafati. This situation is causing significant delays, estimated at least 20 minutes, for trains operating on the line Naples - Poggiomarino, affecting the daily routine of commuters.

The first problems with some suspensions along that route were noticed as early as 13pm.

The cause of the delays

I technical problems occurred along the railway stretch between poggiomarino e Scafati they generated a chain of delays for the trains of the line Naples - Poggiomarino, but EAV did not disclose the nature of those issues. A situation that It has created quite a few inconveniences for commuters, forced to review their travel plans and look for alternative solutions to reach their destinations.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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