Circumvesuviana, 2-day stop on the Ottaviano-Sarno and Torre Annunziata-Poggiomarino lines

Circumvesuviana of Naples

Naples and its Vesuvian province are preparing to experience an important weekend of changes in their infrastructure railways. 20 and 21 January 2024 mark them on the calendar, the lines Naples-Ottaviano-Sarno e Poggiomarino-Torre Annunziata they will stop.

During these days, in fact, the train service will be temporarily suspended, a necessary step to kick off significant innovations in the railway traffic management system.

The reasons for the suspension

The decision of suspend train service along these lines was not taken lightly. There are important reasons behind this choice, mainly related toactivation of the new Centralized Traffic Command (CTC) system. A crucial technological advancement to bring rail traffic management in line with the current regulatory standards, ensuring greater regularity e safety in the operation of trains.

The new CTC system represents an important step forward compared to the technology currently in use. Its implementation is essential to modernize the rail network, and it is a fundamental first step towards further modernisations, including the introduction ofERTMS, a cutting-edge railway signaling system.

The dates of the suspension of the Ottaviano-Sarno and Torre Annunziata-Poggiomarino lines

Le given choices for the suspension of the service are 20 and 21 January 2024, days in which the activation works of the new CTC system will be carried out. During this period, the lines Naples-Ottaviano-Sarno e Poggiomarino-Torre Annunziata will not be operational.

For both lines the suspension will begin with the start of service on 20st January and will end at the end of the service 21st January.

The dates were chosen with the aim of minimize the impact on travellers, trying to limit inconvenience at weekends, when commuter traffic is generally reduced.

When will service on the lines resume?

Once the works for the installation of the new CTC system have been completed, the railway service will be available on the affected lines will resume regularly for the start of service on January 22, 2024. Be on the line Naples-Ottaviano-Sarno than on the route Poggiomarino-Torre Annunziata, trains will return to operate according to the usual timetable from this date.

Alternative solutions and replacement services

To guarantee the mobility of travelers during the days of suspension of the railway service, provisions have been put in place alternative solutions. It is mainly about replacement bus services, operated by the company ROMAN BUS, which will follow itineraries similar to those of the railway lines involved.

The replacement buses will cover the entire route of the railway lines, with specific times and stopping points for the 20 21 and January.

Travelers are invited to consult the timetables and stops of the replacement buses to plan their journeys.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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