Circumvesuviana, stop on the route between Pompeii and Poggiomarino

Circumvesuviana of Naples

In the heart of the day, commuters of Circumvesuviana they found themselves faced with an unexpected event interruption of service due to a technical fault. Precisely from 14:05, a fault at the level crossings located between the stations of Pompei e poggiomarino caused the suspension of railway traffic on one of the busiest routes.

The causes of the failure

The outage occurred due to technical problems at level crossings, a crucial element for the safety and efficiency of the railway service. Technical failures, often unpredictable, which can arise from a wide range of causes, such as malfunctions of the reporting systems, mechanical failures, or infrastructure-related problems. It is not yet known what went wrong as EAV has not released details.

The issue of level crossings is a sensitive issue for the Circumvesuviana, it has often been pointed out by users that the level crossings do not work as they should and this leads to serious risks, which is why it has now become necessary to stop traffic.

Changes to traffic

The unexpected disruption has had a significant impact on travelers who rely on Circumvesuviana for their daily commute.

In particular:

  • Trains to Poggiomarino: Trains from Napoli a poggiomarino now they end their journey at Pompei
  • Trains to Naples: Similarly, trains for Napoli now they leave from Pompeii Sanctuary

EAV has communicated that rail traffic may be subject to delays between Pompeii Sanctuary and Poggiomarino and vice versa, but the extent of such delays is not known.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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