Claudio Amendola: career and life of the actor and director

Claudio Amendola

Claudio Amendola was born in Rome on 16 February of the 1963, son of the actors and voice actors Ferruccio Amendola and Rita Savagnone.

Italian actor, director and television presenter, Claudio is well known and much loved by the public Italian who recognizes and appreciates his talent.


Amendola initially started working as salesman and labourer after finishing eighth grade.

His debut happened at 19 in the role of Jewish boxer Davide Sonnino in the TV miniseries “Story of love and friendship”. Since then, her career has seen increasing success in various film and television roles.

In 2014, Amendola has debut as a director cinematographic directing the comedy "The move of the penguin".

Amendola has acted in numerous films and TV series, including "Amarsi un po'...", "Vacanze di Natale", "Vacanze in America", "Soldati - 365 all'alba", "Ultrà" and "Mery per semper" .

He has also worked in Italian television, playing roles in series such as “The Cesaroni” and “half black”. In 2015, Amendola played the character of Samurai in the movie “Suburra“, focused on contemporary criminal Rome.

Private life

First Marriage and Children

Claudius Amendola was married to Marina Grande from 1983 to 1997. The marriage, which took place when Amendola he was only 19, led to the emergence of daughters Alessia and Giulia.

Giulia is a renowned craftswoman, while Alessia has followed in her parents' footsteps becoming voice actress. In 2010, Alessia gave birth to Diego, making Claudio a grandfather at the age of 47.

Second Marriage with Francesca Neri

Amendola's current partner is the actress Francesca Neri, with whom he celebrated a wedding in New York on December 11, 2010.
Contrary to what is stated by many newspapers, their marriage is absolutely valid in Italy as Italian law recognizes it as such.

The couple has a child together, Rocco, born in 1999.

The separation with Francesca Neri

The two actors have overcome various difficult moments, such as her interstitial cystitis e Claudio's heart attack, which was saved thanks to the timely intervention of his wife.

Moments that perhaps, in the end, won out given that, after various unfounded rumors, in 2022 the separation between the two actors has been confirmed who presented the documents in a discreet and respectful way, without creating scandal, demonstrating great respect for each other and for their past together.

The heart attack that struck Claudio Amendola in 2017

In 2017 Claudio suffered a heart attack and was promptly rescued by his wife who took him to the hospital.

After hospitalization in the cardiac surgery department of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, he was discharged the following day be declared no longer in danger.

Political position

Amendola has always declared himself close to the Communist Refoundation party. In 2012 she reaffirmed that she was communist and atheist.
He also had some public clashes with politicians like Matteo Salvini.

Cocaine Addiction Confession

During an interview with "Le Belve", Claudio Amendola confessed to have had a cocaine addiction.
This revelation took many fans by surprise and opened a debate on the issue of addiction in the entertainment world.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Instagram @claudioamendolafanpage
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