The four days of Naples, commemoration for the massacre of the former Ricciardi glass factory

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The commemoration of the Nazi massacre of the former Ricciardi glass factory is an opportunity to remember the sad history of those years

Sunday October 2 2016 there will be the commemoration of the Nazi massacre of the former Ricciardi glass factory, right in via Ferrante Imparato where the factory stood.

In these places, the 29 September of the 1943, one consumed horrible crime on the part of the Germans which at the time occupied our territory. Thirty or perhaps even more were exterminated here, it was never known, innocent and unarmed citizens, historians also call it the forgotten massacre, precisely because it was not an event with great resonance in the anti-Nazi history of the Italian midday.

This initiative has been included in the celebrations of the "Four days of Naples" to keep alive the memory of the struggle that our countrymen fought against the German enemy. The celebration will also be attended by the National Association of Partisans of Italy and the municipality of Naples.

Schedule of the commemoration

Below is the program of the initiative:

  • 10.00 am - laying of flowers
  • 10.30 - performance of the street artist G. Zinno
  • 11.00 - reading of some excerpts from "The four days of Naples" and "War of the suburbs ... massacres forgotten in the eastern area of ​​Naples 1940-1943"
  • 11.30 - "Vigliena World & Pop Music" will perform some pieces of the Italian Resistance

Information on the commemoration of the former Ricciardi glass factory

Where: Ex Vetreria Ricciardi, via Ferrante Imparato, Naples
When: 2 October 2016
Schedule: by 10.00
Useful information: Official facebook event

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