The Four Days of Naples 2018 with cultural initiatives for the 75 anniversary

Four days in Naples
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For the 75 anniversary, the program of the Four Days of Naples 2018 provides important events in memory of the Neapolitan Resistance.

From September 27 to October 2 2018 Napoli remember with his cultural initiatives Four Days on the occasion of their 75 anniversary. In fact, they are planned guided tours with specific itineraries and regarding the Neapolitan resistance and projections, confrontations and debates organized by ANPI (National Association of Partisans of Italy) and CGIL.

This year we pay homage to the memory of Maddalena Cerasuolo, the woman symbol of the four days and of the partisan resistance in Naples, the itinerary includes some visits along the streets of Marterdei district: vico Trone, vico Neve, via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, the Ponte della Sanità starting outside the Materdei metro station.

ANPI and CGIL have organized instead some projections of extracts from the film "The four days of Naples" by Nanni Loy at the CGIL headquarters in via Toledo, followed by speeches and debates for the event "The Four Days of Naples, a memory between history and the present".

Here is the complete program.

Program for the Four Days of Naples

September 27th

Concert of the Band of the Carabinieri - 20.30 pm, Teatro di San Carlo

September 28th

Laurel wreath laying ceremony

  • 10 Hours Mausoleum of Posillipo
  • 10,20 am Piazza Bovio - plaque at the entrance to the Chamber of Commerce
  • 10,45 Hours Piazza Carità - stele Salvo d'Acquisto
  • Guided tour of the memorial sites in the Capodimonte district, organized by the "Amici del Real Bosco di Capodimonte" Association; 10 hours, Bosco di Capodimonte, Porta Piccola
    Documentary and photographic exhibition. War memorabilia and period toys: “Hercules to the war”; National Archaeological Museum of Naples from 29 September 2018 to 31 January 2019 - inauguration 28 September 2018, at 17,00.
  • Presentation of the book by S. Pocock, Naples 1943; 17 hours, Palazzo Zevallos, via Toledo

Saturday 29rd September

10.15 am Guided tour of Maddalena Cerasuolo, Materdei Metro Station, Via Appulo exit

September 30th

  • Conference on historical events that took place in Capodimonte in September 1943 and presentation of the book Prima dell'oblio. The four days in Capodimonte and the rediscovered aviator, by the Air Force and the "Amici del Real Bosco di Capodimonte" Association (by invitation) - 9.30 am, at the Auditorium of the Capodimonte Museum
  • Re-enactment in costume of the events that took place in the Woods, by the Association "Amici del Real Bosco di Capodimonte" and "Historica XX Century" - 11.30 hours, at the Scuderie del Bosco Building
  • Ceremony of commemoration of the Fallen, with crowns affixed - 13.30, at Fabbricato Cattaneo - During the day (9-17) Exhibition of historical vehicles and military figures, at Piazzale della Porta di Mezzo

1 October

  • Historical school parade organized by the Third Municipality, Association "Objective Capodiomnte" (S. Cucciolito, F. Ruotolo) - 9.30 am, at Bosco di Capodimonte
  • Presentation of the volume A wrong story by N. Pirozzi, M. Amato, O. Di Grazia - 17 pm, Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, PAN, via dei Mille
  • “The Four Days of Naples, memory between history and present”. ANPI - CGIL, joint initiative - 16 pm, at the headquarters of the CGIL in Naples, via Toledo n. 353
  • Viewing of the documentary film Naples '44 by F. Patierno, by the "Rosso Democratico" Association and the Popular Library "Il Borgo" - 18pm, in the Library, via Bosco di Capodimonte 9 / f

2 October

  • Procession from the Liceo Sannazaro commemorating the Martyrs of the Four Days by ANPI and Municipality 5 - 9,30 am

by 24 30 to September

  • V edition of the artistic prize: "Naples Art & Revolution". Maschio Angioino - Sale Vesevi and Armeria - Award ceremony: 29 September at 10.30

Information on the Four 2018 Days

When: dat the 27 September at the 2 October 2018

Timetables: consult the program

Dwhere: various places in the city


  • Guided tour of Maddalena Cerasuolo 8 euro (social fee)
  • Other free events

Information and reservations: guided tour of Maddalena Cerasuolo: reservations required Tel: 3472374210 |

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