Epiphany concert on Rai 1 at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples

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In the beating heart of Napoli, Concert of the Epiphany prepares to illuminate the scene of Mediterranean Theater, a place full of history and culture. There 29th edition promises to be a melting pot of emotions, where art meets social and technological current events. Let's prepare for a musical journey that transcends time and space, combining classic melodies with deeply current themes.

The 29th edition at the Mediterranean Theater of the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples

In the splendid setting of the Mediterranean Theater, a unique event takes place: the 29th edition of Concert of the Epiphany. This year's event stands out for its unique fusion of music and social commitment.

Ariadne Ciampoli, as godmother, welcomes the public into an atmosphere full of emotions. The performances will be enriched by the presence ofParthenopean Orchestra of Santa Chiara and the band's backing singers Rita Ciccarelli & Flowin'Gospel, all masterfully directed by the Maestro Adrian Pennino. Every note played and sung during the evening will be a hymn to peace and harmony, in a world marked by change and conflict.

When and where to see the Epiphany concert on TV

For those who cannot be physically present, there is great news: the Concert of the Epiphany will be broadcast live on television. Write down the date: 6 January 2024, and tune in RAI 1 immediately after Lottery Italy.

Under the expert direction of Barbara Napolitano, the show will be brought into the homes of all Italians, allowing everyone to be part of the magnificent celebration of music and culture. The evening will not just be a concert, but a bridge that connects generations, cultures and ideas, a moment of reflection and shared joy.

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