Easter 2024 concert of the Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti in Naples

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Il 17 March al Cathedral of Naples the concert will be held Easter of New Scarlatti Orchestra. The event, price quotation, promises an evening of music with pieces ranging from barocco al contemporary.

The Easter concert of the new Scarlatti orchestra

Inside the majestic Cathedral of Naples, Easter Concert stands out as a moment of meeting between seeds e innovation.

Guided by the management of Joseph Galiano, musicians e soloists talented as Maria Grazia Schiavo, Rosa Bove e Gaetano russo they will explore a repertoire that combines compositions by Vivaldi, Agolli e Pergolesi. A unique experience where the past and present of classical music come together in an atmosphere of emotion e reflection.


Il program of the concert opens with the Symphony for strings 'Al Santo Sepolcro' di Vivaldi, Followed by 'In memoriam' for clarinet and orchestra by Lejla Agolli, and culminates with lo Stabat Mater di Pergolesi. These pieces not only show the variety , depth of sacred music but also offer listeners an emotional journey from pain to the hope, From death to the resurrection.

When and where does it take place?

Il concert takes place 17 March 2024, 19:00, in the heart of Naples, al Duomo, Located in Via Duomo n. 147. THE'free admission makes this culturally significant event accessible to all, inviting citizens and visitors to share a moment together , culture e spirituality.

  • Where: Cathedral of Naples
  • When: Sunday March 17 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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