What to do at the 2018 Father's Day in Naples: events and games for families

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The events for the 2018 Father's Day in Naples with advice on what to do in the family between workshops and games!

Il 19 March 2018 It will be there Father's Day and also to Napoli there will be some events that children can do together with their fathers or to the family in general.

Some initiatives to be held will take place also the 17 and the 18 March considering that they are days that fall during the weekend, but all of them will be very engaging, educational and fun.

The Mother Museum offers a nice game in which the children will have to guess a work of art, but also a laboratory on the activity of archaeologist, while the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano will do to recreate a work of art for the little ones.

On the other hand, Feltrinelli will be able to create your own dream home with many materials and a lot of imagination and at Gourmeet there will also be a laboratory to make pizza. Finally, in theOasis San Silvestro Wood families will explore paths in nature.

Here are all the events for the Father's Day in Naples!

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