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As we now know, today March 31, 2022 ends the state of emergency decided by the Government in relation to the pandemic situation from Covid, Then from April 1 there will be some gradual changes to the many restrictions to which we have become accustomed in these two years.

Not all of them will be eliminated in the short term and some will last a few more months and of course these gradual changes will be respected as long as the contagion curve does not get too bad. We also remember that from March 28th we said goodbye to the division by colors of the Regions and Italy can be considered all white.

In short, we must always keep an eye on the progress of the pandemic and the situation relating to ordinary hospitalizations and intensive care.

Let's see what will change from tomorrow.

Green Pass: where it is no longer mandatory

From 1 April neither the Enhanced Green Pass nor the Basic Green Pass will be mandatory anymore for:

  • hairdresser;
  • Bank;
  • Post office;
  • public offices
  • outdoor restaurants;
  • public means of local transport;
  • museums;
  • shops.
Hall of the MANN in Naples

Basic Green Pass: where the obligation remains

Basic Green Pass

It will still be mandatory until April 30 for:

  • go to work (public and private workers), therefore the Enhanced Green Pass is no longer needed;
  • canteens and catering;
  • public competitions;
  • indoor restaurants (except hotel restaurants);
  • schools;
  • university;
  • educational services for children;
  • public and private training courses;
  • face-to-face visual interviews with inmates in prisons;
  • outdoor sports events and competitions;
  • theatrical performances and open-air concerts;
  • planes;
  • ships and ferries for interregional transport;
  • interregional trains;
  • intercity;
  • High speed
  • inter-regional buses or buses used for rental services with driver.

Reinforced Green Pass

The Enhanced Green Pass will still be mandatory until April 30 for many indoor activities:

  • swimming pools;
  • gyms;
  • spas;
  • conferences;
  • discos, dance halls and similar places;
  • indoor theater performances and concerts;
  • indoor parties consequent or not to religious and civil ceremonies;
  • cultural, social and recreational centers;
  • game rooms, betting rooms, casinos;
  • indoor sporting events and competitions.
Athletic woman in gym lifting weights at the gym

"Super-Strengthened" Green Pass

This is the reinforced Green Pass which is obtained after the administration of the booster dose of the vaccine following the primary vaccination cycle (therefore the booster doses, i.e. 3 and possibly 4) or with a negative swab in the 48 hours preceding BEYOND the Green Pass. Strengthened.

It is mandatory until December 31st to access:

  • Rsa;
  • hospitality and long-term care facilities;
  • rehabilitation facilities;
  • social welfare structures;
  • hospital wards

When the Green Pass obligation ends definitively

From the 1 May we will be able to say thefinal farewell to the Green Pass for any occasion or place, in fact it will no longer be mandatory to show it anywhere.

The obligation to wear masks

Also in this case there are some steps to follow.

Until April 30th there is an obligation to wear FFP2 masks for:

  • means of transport (airplanes, trains, buses, rental services with driver, ski lifts);
  • shows open to the public indoors or outdoors in theatrical halls, concert halls;
  • cinema;
  • entertainment and live music venues and similar venues (excluding dance time);
  • sporting events and competitions;
  • in the workplace, the surgical mask will suffice, even for workers assigned to domestic and family services.

In indoor places where it is not mandatory to wear the FFP2, it is in any case mandatory to wear the surgical one.

Man with ffp2 face mask traveling by metro, underground, subway, public transportation

Quarantine and isolation

From 1 April only those who have become infected will have to respect isolation.

Anyone who has had close contact with a positive will have to follow the self-monitoring regime which provides:

  • wear the Ffp2 mask for 10 days from the last contact;
  • do a test as soon as symptoms appear;
  • carry out a test if still symptomatic on the fifth day following the date of the last contact.

Vaccine obligation

The obligation remains to be vaccinated for:

  • health personnel until 31 December;
  • for teachers and educational staff until June 15;
  • for over 50 workers until June 15, but they will be able to go to work with the Green Pass Base and no longer the Strengthened one;

The rules for the school

Here's how to settle for school:

  • if there are at least four cases of contagion among pupils in the same class, the activities continued in the presence and teachers, educators and children with at least 6 years must use FFP2 masks for ten days from the last contact with a positive subject;
  • if symptoms appear or are still symptomatic on the fifth day following the last contact, a rapid or molecular antigen test or self-administered antigen test should be performed. In the latter case, the self-certification must be submitted together with the negative result;
  • pupils of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools and of the education and vocational training system who are in isolation can follow the lessons with integrated digital teaching accompanied by a medical certificate confirming their health conditions;
  • you are readmitted to class by demonstrating that you have carried out a rapid or molecular antigen test with negative results.
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