Daniel Buren on display at the Mother Museum, as a child's play

“Like a child's play”, when art is transformed into a play space, thanks to Daniel Buren's work in situ

In a few days it will arrive at Mother Museum of Naples "Like a child's play", the unmissable exhibition of Daniel Buren, one of the most innovative contemporary artists on the world scene. Of French origin, Buren is "specialized" in in situ installations, which have a very close relationship with time, space, exhibition or urban places for which they are conceived and designed.

The geometric signs and the minimal colors are a hallmark of his works from the youth production, based exclusively on one cloth from striped curtains of 8,7 cm, alternately white and colored, then combined with the creation of museum works and architectural installations in public spaces.

"Like a child's play" it is therefore the first of the interventions that, during 2015, will animate the rooms of the Madre Museum, specially commissioned to the artist Daniel Buren to “celebrate” the relationship between the museum and its public, between the institution and its community.

From the April 25 to the 31 2015 in August all visitors can literally enter a real game space, like those we lived as children, thanks to Daniel Buren which will transform the large hall on the ground floor of the museum into a real life-size construction game.

The installation, created thanks to the collaboration with the architect Patrick Bouchain, will have a playful and suggestive effect that will allow users to dialogue with the architecture, which becomes almost alive, performative. Inside the colorful work you can walk around, as if you were going through a city made of hypnotic circles (on which also appear the famous rows of 8,7 cm), colored arches, cylindrical towers, square bases, triangular tympanums, symmetrically placed between them as if they were part of the museum's architecture, providing at the same time its hypothetical to an alternative fantastic and imaginative potential.

An exhibition that will allow visitors to "explore" architecture and art in a different way, transforming them into real users of a living and animated space, able to envelop them in a unique experience, face to face with the vitality of contemporary art.

THEopening of the exhibition will be held on 24 April 2015 at 19:00 in the Re_PUBBLICA hall of the Madre Museum.

Information on the exhibition by Daniel Buren

When: from the April 25 to the 31 2015 August
Timetables: from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 19.30; Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00; Closed on Tuesday
Price tickets:  

  • Adults: € 7.00
  • Reduced: € 3.50
  • Free entry on Monday

Where: Mother Museum, Via Settembrini 79, Naples

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Written by Valentina D'Andrea
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