Temporary traffic device for the Bufala Fest 2018 in Naples on the cycle path

Waterfront of Naples
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On the Lungomare di Napoli there is a temporary traffic device for cyclists on the occasion of the Bufala Fest 2018.

In 'pedestrian area of ​​Via Caracciolo a has been arranged temporary traffic device, related to cyclistsOn the occasion of Bufala Fest which will take place on Lungomare of Naples from 7 to 15 July 2018. The set-up phase has already begun from 1 July and the disassembly phase of the equipment will last until the 19 July, for this reason the Municipality of Naples has developed this device.

Specifically, the affected section is that between Piazza della Repubblica and the confluence with viale Anton Dohrn and there will be the suspension of the cycle path in the stages of setting up, carrying out and removing the material used for the event.

Indeed, cyclists have theobligation to carry the bicycle by hand, in accordance with the provisions of article 182 paragraph 4 of the Highway Code, throughout the section concerned.

It will be the Responable technician of the Bufala Festa to make sure that there is road signs suitable for the occasion, according to the provisions of the Municipal Police.

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