Energy Med 2019 at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples: renewable sources and energy efficiency

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The Mostra Convegno EnergyMed 2019 will be at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples with events and conferences on energy efficiency and renewable sources

After the great success of the previous editions, do not lose EnergyMed 2019, "The Show Conference on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency", which will take place at Mostra d'Oltremare di Napoli from the 28 30 March 2019.

For the occasion we will talk about the importance of renewables and energy efficiency with a view to greater environmental sustainability. EnergyMed, in fact, presents itself as the ideal context in which to compare the situation of the various innovative sectors, starting from those related to solar, wind, high efficiency boilers and biomass, up to the recovery of material and energy from waste, low environmental impact vehicles and services.

During the EnergyMed event there will be four sections dedicated to topics such as theenergy efficiency "EnerEfficiency" recycling "Recycle" sustainable mobility "Mobility" e automation "Automation".

Many new features scheduled, with aexposure which exceeds the 8.000 square meters, thematic workshops, round tables, packed congress program and numerous special events. The purpose of the organizers, in fact, is to favor theprofessional update and commercial exchanges between national and foreign companies. We also remind you that entry is not allowed to minors under 21, except in the context of regularly booked guided tours.

Information on EnergyMed 2019

When: From the 28 30 2019 March

Where: Mostra d 'Oltremare, viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 54 - 80125 Naples


  • Thursday and Friday 9.30 / 19.00
  • Saturday 9.30 / 18.00

Price: free admission

Info and contacts: Official EnergyMed website - Facebook event


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