Excursion to Vesuvius on Easter Monday: a walk between nature and historic lava tunnels

Plain of the Ginestre, Vesuvius

Monday April 18 2022 is the day of Easter Monday and among the many events to participate in there is this beautiful eco-excursion in Vesuvius National Park, precisely at the Tirone Alto-Vesuvio Reserve.

After two years of stop, the nature walk in this unique location finally returns and gives us the opportunity to participate in a trekking in one of the most beautiful and greenest paths in the Park.

It is organized by the Social Promotion Association Vesuvius Natura da Esplorare and the cultural association Econote, one of the groups that is most committed to promoting culture and sustainability.

How the eco-excursion takes place

The walk in the Reserve will be led by expert naturalistic and hiking guides on a path known and suitable for everyone, including children to leave from 6 years

It will be a different Easter Monday than usual, not immersed in chaos and an alternative to the typical chaotic excursions, mostly based on respect for nature.

The trail is simple and flat and winds on Plain of the Ginestre. It will be about 4 km long (round trip) and it will take about 3 hours to complete it.

On the sides there are dry stone walls and you will walk between shaded areas and open sections, as well as in areas of Mediterranean scrub, always observing the magnificent Vesuvius. Along the way you will also pass through volcanic formations such as lava tunnels and rope washes. The lava flows of the 1944, as well as those of the period 1895-1899.

In the vegetation you will admire pioneer, broad-leaved and evergreen species. 

Vesuvius from above
Vesuvius from above (Photo source: Repubblica)

The trail in brief

  • Overall Length: 4.000 m / r
  • Difference in altitude: 100 m
  • Maximum altitude: 600 m asl
  • Walking time: 3 ha / r
  • Difficulty: simple

What is allowed to do:

  • To stroll;
  • take pictures;
  • ask questions;
  • listen to the naturalistic excursion guides;
  • to chill out;
  • discover nature;
  • observe flora and fauna.

What is not allowed to do:

  • Lighting fires or embers;
  • abandon waste;
  • to scream;
  • use noisy means;
  • disturb;
  • collect species of flora and fauna;
  • bivouac;
  • get away from driving;
  • go back alone.

Recommended equipment:

  • layered clothing;
  • shoes with non-smooth soles;
  • flask or bottle with water;
  • a small snack (you will not have a lunch at the bivouac, remember that);
  • backpack and not shoulder strap;
  • camera and / or smartphone;
  • towel to sit on;
  • bag to collect waste.

How to participate

Places are limited, so hurry up to book. In fact, we point out that booking is mandatory and it must be done to the email: info@econote.it. In the message you must indicate:

  • Name;
  • number of people participating;
  • mobile number upon confirmed booking you will receive an answer with information on the meeting point and equipment. 

When the booking is confirmed you will receive an answer with detailed information on the meeting point. Generally, the appointment at the Rotonda of the Autostrada di Torre del Greco exit, but you will receive the exact location by mail.

Information on the Easter Monday eco-excursion


18 April 2022


Tirone Alto-Vesuvius Reserve, Vesuvius National Park. Meeting point at the Rotunda of the Torre del Greco motorway exit

Working hours:

10.00 hours


15 euros from 10 years upwards, to be paid on departure

Info and reservations

info@econote.it | Econote site

Anti-Covid rules

Put on the mask

Cover photo credit: Vesuvius Nature to Explore

  • Where: Roundabout of the Torre del Greco motorway exit
  • When: Monday 18 April 2022, from 10pm
  • Prezzi:
    • From 10 years old: 15 €
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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