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Federico Palana, known by his stage name Fred De Palma, is a prominent figure in the Italian music scene. Born on November 3, 1989 at Ceva, he won over fans with his unique style and high-profile collaborations. She is among the singers selected to perform at the Sanremo Festival 2024.

Let's find out more details about his career.

Fred De Palma's real name

His real name is Federico Palana, but he chose to call himself “Fred De Palma” inspired by a character from the game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”.

The beginnings and affirmation of Fred De Palma's career

The adventure of Fred DePalma in the world of music began in 2007, Torino, where he distinguished himself as talented freestyler. His penchant forimprovisation allowed him to earn a prominent place in the field local hip-hop.

In 2010, undertook a project together with Dirty C, creating the duo Royal Rhymes. This collaboration spawned several mixtapes that helped cement his reputation. His debut as a soloist came in 2012 with the album “Leggenda Urbana”, marking his official entry into the national scene.

Fred De Palma's discography has been enriched over the years with acclaimed works such as "Boy Bands","California"and "Unique“. The variety of his works demonstrates this a continuous search for new sounds and the exploration of different genres, managing to touch a wide and varied audience.

His collaborations range over a wide territory, embracing both prominent Italian and international artists. Among the best known with whom he worked include:

  • Sphere Ebbasta
  • Ana mena
  • Emis Killa
  • Fabri Fibra
  • Stash of The Kolors

His songs, such as “Borotalco”, “If I didn't have you”, “Una Once Again”, “Paloma” and “Melodia Criminale”, they have become real hits even outside the Italian borders, testifying to his ability to cross genres and achieve international success.

Fred De Palma awards and recognitions

Fred De Palma won a total of 31 platinum disks in Italy and 5 platinum records in Spain.

  • Platinum records in Italy: 31
  • Gold records in Italy: 4
  • Platinum records in Spain: 5

Some of his most recognized albums and singles include:

  • Albums:
    • “Uebe” (4x platinum)
    • “Unique” (3x platinum)
    • “Hanglover” (2x platinum)
    • “California” (2x platinum)
  • Singles:
    • “Borotalco” (5 platinum records)
    • “Once again” (4x platinum)
    • “Paloma” (4x platinum)
    • “If I Didn't Have You” (4x platinum)
    • “Melodia Criminale” (4 platinum records)

Distinctive features of Fred De Palma

Fred De Palma's repertoire stands out for the adoption of genres such as rap, pop, dance and reggaeton, blending modern sounds and global influences. His lyrics they deal with themes such as love and personal experiences, ambition and the search for success, often focusing on ironic and direct language.

He is recognized as one of the most significant performers in the new generation of Italian rap.

Personal life of Fred De Palma

In addition to his artistic abilities, Fred De Palma shows a strong connection with social media, channels through which he communicates with his followers, sharing parts of his artistic and personal life.

In 2020, he also participated in the prestigious Sanremo Festival with the song "Il tuo angelo", obtaining ninth place in the final ranking, he is also among the participants of the 2024 edition of the Sanremo Festival.

Sentimental relationships by Fred De Palma

Fred De Palma's best-known relationships are:

  • Valentina Fradegrada: Fashion blogger and influencer, she was his official girlfriend for two years, from 2017 to 2019.
  • Beatrice Vendramin: Actress and influencer, known on the set of "Alex & Co.", she was his partner from 2019 to 2023. Their relationship was much paparazzi and documented on social media.

Several other reports followed with lesser-known characters from the world of entertainment, but Fred De Palma he has always been very reserved about his private life.

Who is Fred De Palma's current girlfriend

Fred De Palma is currently engaged to Jori Delli, born in 1995 of Albanian origins. Jori she is a model, as well as a well-known influencer.

Fred De Palma with girlfriend Jori Delli

Curiosities about Fred De Palma

  • Turbulent past: He openly spoke of having had a difficult adolescence with experiences with drugs and street life.
  • Tattoos: He is a big fan of tattoos, which often have a personal meaning related to his family and life experiences.
  • Sport: In addition to football and Juventus, he surfs and loves water sports.
  • Philanthropy: He is involved in various charitable initiatives, including the fight against school dropouts and support for sick children.
  • Love for culture: Passionate about art and literature, he often quotes writers such as Bukowski and Dostoevsky in his songs.
  • Sneaker collector: Has a large collection of rare and collectible sneakers.
  • Foreign influences: Among your musical influences you cite American rappers like Jay-Z and Nas, but also Latin artists like J Balvin and Maluma.
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