Freskissima 2019 in Naples at the Circolo Posillipo: street food and pizzas for charity

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At the Circolo Posillipo in Naples comes Freskissima 2019, an event full of Neapolitan street food with masters of gastronomy for a charity evening.

Freskissima returns for its fifth edition a Napoli and the July 3 2019 in Circolo Posillipo, as always to ensure that the evening dedicated to the greedy Neapolitan street food be a reason for raise funds for the homeless reception center in via Bernini. It is the "We live" project, which began last year in the parish of San Gennaro with Don Massimo Ghezzi.

Organized byAssociazione Abbracci Onlus Association by Claudio and Giovanna Zanfagna, Freskissima hosts five master pizza makers and others artisans of taste Neapolitans who prepare the famous and exquisite Neapolitan street food ranging from fried pizzas to the most delicious desserts, typical of the tradition.

The most important masters of Neapolitan gastronomy will be present on the quay and on the terrace of the Circolo Posillipo. We will be able to see it at work Gino Sorbillo (Pizzeria Sorbillo), Teresa Iorio (Antica Pizzeria Le Figlie di Iorio), Aniello Falanga (Pizzeria Haccademia di Terzigno), Guglielmo Vuolo (Pizzeria Vuolo) and Giuseppe Pignalosa (Le Parule Ercolano). Again, there will be Marco Infante's Leopoldo and Casa Infante and the charcutier Salvatore Cautero of piazzetta Pontecorvo that he will bring fine hams and cheeses, but we can also taste the dairy products of the Latteria Sorrentina Amodio, in activity from the 1880, the pasta and beans by chef Antonio Bruno de La Caffettiera, the beer of Luciano Crispino of "Che beer!" and Pasqualino Esposito's desserts from Pasqualino Bakery.

During the evening there will also be i children with disabilities of the association "You can give more", with the support of the masters of Pizza Experience Academy Rosario Piscopo and Giovanni Improta, while everything will be enriched by live performances by Helen Tesfazghi and Afroblu. Finally, at the console there will be the Dj Checco Te.

The thanks for this edition of Freskissima also go to the Ariete Art Gallery, at
Pasta Di Martino and Agugiaro & Figna.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • Posillipo Nautical Club (Via Posillipo, 5) tel. 081.575.1282
  • The Aries Art Gallery (Via a. Manzoni, 147) tel. 081.769.2706
  • Church of S. Gennaro al Vomero (Via Bernini, 55)
  • Opera Taste Factory (Via L. Giordano, 145)
  • Ciardulli Jewelry (Piazza G. Rodinò, 24)

About Freskissima 2019

Where: Circolo Nautico Posillipo, via Posillipo 5

Timetable: from 20.00

Price: € 35

Info: 335 841 6543 - 335 8418096 | Facebook page Project Abbracci |Facebook event | Project Abbracci website |

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