Chiaia funicular in Naples, suspension on September 15: here are the timetables

Funicular in Naples
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Wednesday September 15 2021 will be the Chiaia funicular service is suspended of Naples so as to allow the carrying out of some checks and regulatory controls on the plant.

This was communicated by the ANM, notifying that thelast run of the day there will be at 14.30 hours and the service will be complete again on the day Thursday September 16 with the first race at 14.50.

This week will bring several inconveniences to travelers considering that, in addition to the suspension just mentioned, there will also be one strike of metro line 1, bus and all funiculars. It is a full-bodied strike lasting 24 hours which will also involve the EAV means.

At the beginning of the week, however, a big one electrical fault sent traffic at the Central Station haywire, causing long delays and changes to departures and arrivals. In short, a somewhat chaotic day for commuters, travelers and tourists.

For each updating on the suspension of the funicular you can consult this article which will be modified if necessary.

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