Metro 1, Funiculars, Buses and Trams, timetables during the Christmas holidays

Subway 1 Line of Naples

Finally, some good news for those traveling to Naples during the holidays! After a constructive agreement reached between theAzienda Napoletana Mobilità (ANM) and the unions, the service plan has arrived optimized for the Christmas holidays. This means that, for both Neapolitans and visitors, there will be many more options for getting around the city.

From the subway to the funiculars, from buses to elevators, every means of public transport will be active according to a specific schedule for the holidays, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the holidays without worries.

Let's see all the details on timetables and changes to the various services, so you can better plan your trips.

Metro Line 1 timetables for the Christmas holidays

Also the Subway 1 Line of Naples adapts to holiday needs with special timetables, designed to facilitate travel during these special days.

Here are the details:

  • 24 December: The subway will close early at 20pm. The last ride will leave from Garibaldi at 00pm and from Piscinola at 19pm.
  • 25 December and 1 January: In these festive days, the subway will operate with reduced hours. It will close at 13pm, with last trips at 30pm from Piscinola and 12pm from Garibaldi. But it doesn't end here: it will reopen from 30 pm! The first post-break trips will leave at 12pm from Piscinola and at 50pm from Garibaldi, closing at 16pm (last trips at 30pm from Piscinola and 16pm from Garibaldi).
  • December 31 2023: Fantastic news for those planning to celebrate New Year's Eve in the city – Metro Line 1 will be on no-stop service! An excellent opportunity to enjoy the celebrations without worrying about returning.

With these times, ANM is committed to ensuring that everyone can travel during the holidays.

DataFirst race from PiscinolaFirst Race by GaribaldiClosureLast from PiscinolaLast from Garibaldi
24 December--20:0019:0019:30
25 December16:5017:3013pm, then reopens from 30pm12pm (morning), 30pm (evening)12pm (morning), 50pm (evening)
January 1st16:5017:3013pm, then reopens from 30pm12pm (morning), 30pm (evening)12pm (morning), 50pm (evening)
31 December--Non-stop service--

Funicular timetables for the Christmas holidays

Naples' funiculars are a crucial element in the city's transportation system, especially during holidays. Here's how the hours will change during this period:

  • 24 December: All funiculars will close at 20pm, with the last ride scheduled for 00pm.
  • 25 December and 1 January:
    • Funicular of Mergellina: Closing at 13pm with the last ride at 00pm. It will reopen from 12pm to 40pm.
    • Montesanto and Centrale funiculars: They also close at 13pm with the last ride at 00pm, but will reopen until 12am.
  • 31 December:
    • Montesanto and Mergellina funicular: They will operate until 19 pm.
    • Central Funicular: Service no stop all night long.

These times are designed to ensure that everyone can reach their desired destinations during the holidays, whether to attend events or family reunions.

Funicolare24 December25 December and 1 January31 December
Mergellina19pm (Closing 40pm)12pm (Closing 40pm), Reopens 13pm-00pm19:40
Montesanto19pm (Closing 40pm)12pm (Closing 40pm), Reopens 13pm-00pm19:40
Centrale19pm (Closing 40pm)12pm (Closing 40pm), Reopens 13pm-00pmNo Stop

Bus, Alibus, Trolleybus and Tram timetables for the Christmas holidays

Naples' surface transport service, which includes buses, Alibus, trolleybuses and trams, also adapts to the needs of the holidays. Let's see in detail:

  • 24 and 31 December:
    • Buses, trolleybuses and trams will be in service until 20pm, with the last trip scheduled from each terminus at 00pm.
    • Night service will be suspended on these dates.
    • The Alibus, which connects the city to the airport, will end its service at 20pm.
  • 25 December and 1 January:
    • Surface services will operate until 13pm, with the last departures scheduled for 30pm.
    • After a short break, the service will resume from 16pm until 00pm. It is important to note that the service will be reduced and concentrated on the main lines.
    • Even on these days, there are no night services.

These timetables have been designed to ensure that, despite the holidays, residents and visitors can count on a reliable public transport service.

Service24 and 31 December25 December and 1 January
Bus, Trolleybus, TramUntil 20pm (Last ride 00pm)12-30, then 13-30 (Reduced Service)

The regulations for parking areas during the Christmas holidays

even the regulation for rest areas in Naples undergoes changes during the Christmas period, to facilitate travel and festive activities.

Here are the details:

  • 24 December: The parking service will end at 20:00. This means that after this time you will not need to pay to park in regulated areas.
  • 31 December: A great news for New Year's Eve: the parking service will operate without interruptions. This should make it easier for anyone who decides to celebrate New Year's Eve away from home, ensuring more parking options.

As regards the specific parking areas, such as Argento, Brin, Chiaiano, Colli Aminei, Frullone, Spalti, Chiaiano underpass and Scampia, these will also follow the same regime.

DataParking Regulations
24 DecemberUntil 20:00
31 DecemberNo Stop

Elevator times for the Christmas holidays

The lifts in Naples, useful for overcoming the various height differences in the city, will follow special times during the holidays. Let's see in detail:

  • 24 and 31 December:
    • The elevators will be operational from 08:00 until 20:00. This extended timetable allows you to move easily around the city during the last hours of preparation for the holidays.
  • 25 December and 1 January:
    • Slightly different timetable: the lifts will open at 07:00 and close at 13:30.
    • Important: the Chiaia and Sanità lifts will reopen from 16pm until midnight, offering an extended service for those who wish to move around the city in the afternoon and on public holiday evenings.

These times have been designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the holidays, facilitating travel in some of the most inaccessible areas of Naples.

DataOpening HoursClosing timeFootnotes
24 and 31 December.08:0020:00-
25 Dec. and 1 Jan.07:0013:30Reopening of Chiaia and Healthcare: 16pm-midnight
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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