Fuorigrotta, when will Via Consalvo reopen? Two months off

Chasm of Via Consalvo

Inconvenience for the neighborhood Fuorigrotta because of chasm which made it impracticable via Consalvo on 18st January 2024. The accident highlighted the fragility of the urban infrastructure in the area, revealing much more serious problems than those initially estimated.

After an immediate safety measure, in-depth analyzes revealed that a stretch of 250 meters of sewer pipe It is severely damaged and needs a complete replacement. But how long will the works last?

What happened, the chasm in via Consalvo

Il 18st January one opened chasm in via Consalvo, an event that immediately attracted the attention of civil protection and local authorities. The sinkhole, which emerged without warning, revealed a dangerous situation not only for vehicular traffic but also for public safety, underlining the fragility of the underground infrastructure.

ABC Naples, the body responsible for the maintenance of water infrastructures, intervened promptly, noting that the failure was due to the collapse of a sewer pipe and a aqueduct, both damaged in several places. The immediate safety measures avoided worse consequences, but also opened our eyes to the need for more radical and structured interventions to ensure long-term safety.

How long will the restoration work on Via Consalvo last?

The need to replace 250 meters di sewer pipe represents a huge challenge for ABC Naples and for the city of Fuorigrotta. The work plan involves the installation of pipes in ductile cast iron, chosen for their durability and resistance, with the aim of preventing future collapses and ensuring greater safety of water infrastructures.

The works, which will have an estimated duration of approximately 50 days, are essential to restore normal operating conditions and to ensure that similar accidents do not happen again.

When will Via Consalvo in Fuorigrotta reopen?

The reopening of via Consalvo is expectedly scheduled for the end of March, just in time for the celebrations of Easter 2024.

This timeline, although subject to possible variations due to adverse weather conditions or technical unforeseen events, reflects the commitment of local authorities and ABC Naples in mitigating the impact of this accident on the daily lives of citizens.

Once the works are finished, we will proceed with the retraining of the road surface and with the return of the affected areas to municipal services, marking the return to normality for the neighborhood Fuorigrotta and for its inhabitants, eager to put this episode behind them.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: TGR - Rai
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