GF Vip 7, Edoardo Tavassi against Sonia Bruganelli!

Edward Tavassi

Edoardo Tavassi, almost two weeks after the end of the GF Vip 7, during his hosted at Casa Chi he shot zero on Sonia Bruganelli, who precisely on the occasion of the final of the reality show gave him, in no uncertain terms, of the "manipulator" . Here's what Guendalina Tavassi's brother said.

Edoardo Tavassi is not there and, two weeks after getting out of the home of the GF Vip 7 with Micol Incorvaia, his fiancée, during his hosted at Chi House decided to reply to the harsh words of Sonia Bruganelli who, precisely on the occasion of the most awaited moment of the whole reality show, did not think twice about calling him a "manipulator".

Despite the brother of Guendalina Tavassi had already had his say in another interview, goaded by Valerio Palmieri, has decided to return to the subject and to reply to the accusations of the columnist e wife of Paul Bonolis which, according to the first advances, there will be no al GF VIP 8:

“I can accept any criticism. Everyone interprets people's behavior based on their own visions. Many people tell me that I did well, others who think the opposite. They told me to be a manipulator and want to impose my idea on others. I don't think so. When a friend asks me for advice, I give the advice.”

Edoardo Tavassi VS Sonia Bruganelli, his words "There will be a reason why I have always been the favourite."

Tavassi, continuing with his speech, said he doesn't know why Sonia Bruganelli has decided to target him since his arrival, but one thing is certain: the facts speak for themselves and, if the public, during the various televotes that took place during his journey, elected him as "his favourite", a reason there will be:

“I am someone who made himself loved in there. I can't get along with everyone but from there to say that I'm manipulative, sneaky. And if you want to do that thing, it's because in your heart you wanted to do that thing."

Very heavy words and that, for sure, thecolumnist of the GF Vip 7 (in case she or her husband should read or listen to the interview of Edward Tavassi) certainly won't take it lightly, as no one likes to be called "sneaky." An answer will come from Sonia Bruganelli? In the meantime, the showgirl is enjoying a period of well-deserved relaxation with her husband Paul Bonolis in the Maldives, from which, just yesterday, they also denied the rumors of their impending divorce, but who knows if he decides to do it in the near future…

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