Family Day at the Museum, Tour of San Domenico Maggiore

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Unmissable: this is the word that comes to mind when thinking about National Family Day at the Museum, scheduled for the 8 October 2023. Among the key events, the one orchestrated by certainly stands out DOMA San Domenico Maggiore. A unique opportunity for a journey through history and culture, thanks to the guided tour "Take me by the hand and let's go to DOMA".

The guided tour

Far from being a simple museum where works of art are observed, San Domenico Maggiore it is a place where history comes to life. The tour begins with a focus on Aragonese arks, treasures hidden inside the Sacristy, to then lead visitors into the Treasury Room, a true treasure chest of historical clothing dating back several centuries.

An experience for the whole family

If the idea you have of a museum is a place of exclusive interest for adults, prepare to change your opinion. Adults and children, hand in hand, they will be involved in a shared experience, exploring the Dominican convent up to the cell it housed Saint Thomas Aquinas.

What is the DOMAquiz

But the tour doesn't end here. To end on a note of lightness and fun, the DOMAquiz, an interactive quiz that tests the knowledge acquired, offering the chance to win unique gadgets.

Ticket times and prices

For those who are already ready to dive into this adventure, they are provided four rounds: at 10am, 30pm, 12pm and 00pm. THE ticket costs they are more than accessible, ranging from €7 to €14, with discounts applied exclusively to families.

Information and how to book

No desire to miss this opportunity? A simple email to and the place is guaranteed.

  • Where: San Domenico Maggiore
  • When: Sunday October 08 2023
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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