Meloni government, the first measures: rave, Cartabia and NOVAX

giorgia meloni at the first council of ministers
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It has just finished the first Council of Ministers of the Meloni government and although it has, for the most part, followed what has been done by the Draghi government, on some things there have been postponements and advances on the basis of the Meloni agenda.

Let's deepen them.

Life imprisonment: what is it and how does it work?

The Government intervened on the penitentiary system, in particular with regard to what is defined "Life imprisonment".

But what does it consist of?

The impedimental life sentence is that form of life sentence that it is not subject to modifications, abbreviations or conversions in another form of punishment, this obviously unless the condemned person has specific collaborations with justice.

The approved version is a bit different from the canonical one just described, as in 2021, in particular in April, the Constitutional Court had already intervened on this matter, giving a mandate to Parliament to make changes on the proposed version (the canonical one) as unconstitutional.

This rule had to be modified by November 2022, under penalty of rejection of the same, therefore it can be seen more as an obligatory continuation of what has already been done by others rather than a merit of the Meloni government.

In the approved version, forms of "benefits"For prisoners, but only on condition that:

  • Have collaborated with justice
  • We have shown that we have held prison conduct all the time in prison exemplary
  • We have participated in a re-educational path while in detention

Prisoners in the 41-bis regime, or those for very serious crimes such as terrorism or the mafia, will be excluded from these benefits, as has always been the case.

The Cartabia justice reform postponed

Among the changes sent back we find the very famous Cartabia reform of Justice, which takes its name from the former Minister of Justice Cartabia.

This reform would officially come into effect on November 2 and included a series of new obligations for judicial offices.
The Meloni government has decided to postpone the introduction of these requirements as of December 30, 2022, but there is nothing to prevent them from being further postponed, as there are many organizational delays.

STOP to RAVES, new measures to combat Illegal Rave: the Modena case

Following what happened a Modena, with an illegal rave staged in a shed for 3 days and suppressed with hardness by the police, the crime of "Invasion for dangerous gatherings".

This offense provides for the imprisonment from 3 to 6 months and fines that will go from one thousand to 10.000 euros.

Apparently the crime will take place if there are 50 or more participants in the event.

STOP vaccination obligation for health professionals, all NOVAX reintegrated

In fact a victory for the NOVAX front, with the early stop to the compulsory vaccination against Covid for all healthcare professionals.
Originally the obligation it was to end on December 31, 2022, but the Meloni government has decided for the immediate interruption of the same in order to guarantee the return to service of 4000 resources who are still in breach of the vaccination obligation.

The obligation of masks remains in Healthcare

If on the one hand it "decriminalizes" and reintegrates the novax staff, on the other hand the obligation of masks is renewed in hospitals, health facilities and nursing homes, an obligation which, we remind you, would have expired today.
It is not known how long it will remain active.

A small inconsistency, if on the one hand those who are not vaccinated are reintegrated, on the other hand personal protective equipment is maintained.

COVID exists, but only a little.

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