Halloween in Bacoli with a costume party until late at night

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Halloween is coming and the municipality of bacoli is preparing for a spectacular event on the Miliscola seafront. Tuesday 31 October 2023, the magic of the big party will envelop the entire area, with the road freed from cars and open exclusively for passers-by, guaranteeing a unique atmosphere. This celebration is intended as a gift to the children, young people and the many families who will gather, promising to repeat and perhaps surpass the incredible success of the previous year.

Program of the 2023 Halloween Party in Bacoli

The party will start at 16 and will continue until late at night, offering a variety of activities for all participants. It will be a free event, with music, games, feasts, entertainment, WORKSHOPS and numerous surprises. The Municipality and the councilor Vittorio Ambrosino, who coordinates the activities, together with Bruna Manfredonia, are working to guarantee a Halloween really special.

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Route and Attractions

Il pedestrian path will be extended by Villa Comunale, passing through the bicycle path, Up to Miliscola. From here, visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of Procida e Napoli, immersing yourself in a day of absolute fun. The event is part of the tradition of other major events that have taken place in the area, such as the Giro d'Italia and the Carnival. Bacoli, with its splendid square on the sea, is revealing itself as a place of celebration and celebration, and this edition of Halloween will be no exception.

  • Where: bacoli
  • When: Tuesday October 31 2023
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