The clothing changes of Vesuvius on display in Naples at the PAN

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A photographic exhibition to discover the "dress changes" of Vesuvius, immortalized several times a day every day for a year by the photojournalist Roberta De Maddi

Il Vesuvio is the indisputable symbol of the city of Naples, reproduced in postcards, photographs, advertising images, logos and illustrations that have traveled the world. Its strategic position as "guardian of the gulf" allows this majestic and dormant volcano to be admired from any point of the city, from which it can always look the same, yet always different and always surprising.

Fascinated by Vesuvius and the suggestive views of Naples, Roberta De Maddi, 27 years' photojournalist, has conducted an original experiment. That of immortalize the "good giant" over the course of a year every day several times a day, to catch even the smallest differences during the passage of time.

Changes in climate, temperature, weather conditions, the same passages from dawn to night, represent for the Vesuvio real ones "Changes of clothes" that make the volcano always different, with always new chromatic nuances, able to transmit to the observer emotions and sensations that amaze even those used to see it every day.

“Lights, clouds, sun, moon, stars, wind and snow dress and strip the peaks of Vesuvius and nearby Monte Somma many times during the day. In a city whose life is frenetic, Vesuvius also undergoes sudden and exciting changes of mood every day ”.

At monumental complex of San Severo al Pendino, in via Duomo in Naples PAN in Naples was then set up the photographic exhibition The changes of clothes of Vesuvius, open to visitors from the 6 to the 28 August 2014. An opportunity to get to know a new "version" of our Vesuvius, sometimes seraphic, others anguished, just as if it reflected the mood of its citizens. The photographic project is a tribute by the photojournalist to her hometown, a city from which one can leave but to which one stubbornly wants to return.

Il preview it is scheduled for 7 August at 17.00 pm.

Information on the exhibition The changes of clothes of Vesuvius

When: from the 6 to the 28 August 2014
Timetables: from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00
Entrance: sweeper
Where: Monumental complex of San Severo al Pendino, via Duomo 286, Naples PAN of Naples (Via dei Mille, 60, 80121 Naples)

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