The new cycle and pedestrian path along the Bourbon mouth of Lake Fusaro

Vanvitellian cottage
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Along the Bourbon mouth of Lake Fusaro a new cycle and pedestrian path, announces the mayor of Bacoli, Josi Gerardo Della Ragione!

The mayor of the city of Bacoli, Josi Gerardo della Ragione, announces one to everyone great news and it does so by publishing a post on its page Facebook, as often happens when it wants to communicate with its citizens.

Pedestrian and cycle path in Bacoli

The mayor then announced the cleanliness of the seabed , creation of a new pedestrian and cycle path which will allow the citizens of Bacoli to reach the suggestive Casina Vanvitelliana da Via Cuma, crossing the holm oak in the Quarantine Park, for an incredible walk in contact with the nature. 

The works have already started and soon the new one will be available cycle-pedestrian path along the Bourbon estuary of lake Fusaro.

This is just one of the interventions that have been made in Bacoli to enhance the city and make it more welcoming and liveable. In fact, we remember the works to illuminate the beautiful Casina Vanvitelliana at night and the opening of the Park in the Cinque Lenze area, formerly a large abandoned green area.

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