The new strict decree DL holidays: Green Pass strengthened for almost everything and mandatory FFP2

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On 23 December 2021, the new anti-Covid decree was approved, the so-called "Holiday Decree", which provides for a series of measures concerning time to take the third dose of vaccine, the new duration of the Green Pass and the obligations relating to masks FFP2, among other things.

There are also news related to the ban on organizing parties and consuming indoors.

Let's see in detail.

New duration of the Green Pass

With the new regulations, the duration of the Green Pass drops from 9 months to 6 months, to better adapt to the duration of vaccinations. In this way, there is no strange situation that the duration of the Green Certification is a few months longer than that of the vaccine.

The provision will be applied from the 1 February 2022.

Extension of the reinforced Green Pass

From January 10 the Reinforced Green Pass to access a long series of structures. It is required to access:

  • Means of transport, including local and regional
  • Gyms
  • Festivities resulting from civil or religious ceremonies
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities
  • Outdoor catering services
  • Museums and other places of culture
  • Pool
  • wellness center
  • Thermal centers
  • Cultural centers
  • Social centers
  • Recreation centers
  • Game rooms
  • Bingo halls
  • Casino

It is also required for:

  • Consume in bars and in restaurants, in wine bars, pubs and clubs, also to consume al booth, if this is indoors;
  • Access / perform team sports training;
  • For private training courses if they are held in person.

The places where it is already mandatory to show it according to the decree of the end of November:

  • indoor restaurants and bars;
  • theaters;
  • cinema;
  • concert halls;
  • stages;
  • public parties and ceremonies;
  • discos.

Therefore, for such activities, the negative tampon test is no longer sufficient.

Let's remember what the enhanced Green Pass is:

  • those who are vaccinated with 2 or 3 doses possess it, but those who have 1 dose can also receive it, but 15 days after vaccination;
  • those who have recovered from Covid possess it;
  • not it is what you get after taking a swab with a negative result because in this case it is the basic Green Pass;
  • those with the currently enhanced Green Pass can access restaurants and bars to consume at the table, sporting events, shows, public ceremonies, dance halls and discos.

To access residential, social welfare, social health facilities

To access these places and hospices, the Reinforced Green Pass ed also a negative swab or be vaccinated already with the third dose.

Obligatory masks outdoors

Theobligation to wear the mask even outdoors, but without specifics on the type, for which surgical procedures are also accepted. This will also be valid in the white area e until 31 January 2022.

FFP2 mandatory: where

Furthermore, theobligation to wear the FFP2 mask to go to shows open to the public indoors or outdoors in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other similar venues, as well as for sporting events and competitions that take place indoors or outdoors. It is also mandatory for all means of transport, including local public transport such as metro and bus.

Woman with mask in meter

Stop food indoors: cinemas, theaters, events

The new decree strictly forbids the consumption of any food or drink indoors when watching theatrical performances or at the cinema, and the ban also extends to sporting events. This is to prevent people from lowering the bezel.

The third dose after 4 months

the times for administering the third dose they pass from 5 months to 4 months from 10 January. Recall that initially the so-called dose boost, that is, the third recall to increase the level of coverage against Coronavirus, it had to be done after 6 months, while currently the times have dropped to 4 months.

No indoor and outdoor parties

In the new decree I am parties and events are prohibited that lead to create gatherings, therefore also in discos and dance halls. Both indoors and outdoors and from December 30th to January 31st.

Ban on indoor parties in Campania

In Campania, with the new order of De Luca, the ban on organizing indoor parties is also already envisaged, but you can:

  • organize lunches and dinners respecting the rules on social distancing and on the obligation to wear a mask. Seats must be pre-assigned;
  • eat in hotel restaurants, although dance activities are excluded.

Christmas lunches and dinners allowed

Compared to last year, no limits were placed on the number of guests for Christmas lunch and Christmas Eve dinner.

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