We illuminate the monuments inside and out: the historical places of Naples light up with art

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Exhibitions, events and guided tours for the 2015 edition of Illuminiamo i monuments inside and outside Naples.

Until January 7 2016 we will be able to enjoy the special cultural manifestation We illuminate the monuments inside and out, organized by the new Metropolitan City of Naples.

The historical and art places that will be metaphorically illuminated by numerous ewinds, exhibitions, guided tours, evening meetings, seminars and conferences are Palazzo Matteotti, the Palace of Portici, Complex of Santa Maria la Nova and the Great Coffee Gambrinus in Piazza Trieste and Trento.

Four different sites, built in historical periods characterized by particular events. Palazzo Matteotti, was built during fascism and is the symbol of therationalist art, the Royal Palace of Portici represents the esthete taste of the Bourbon dynasty, the Complex of Santa Maria la Nova has abaroque and renaissance architecture, while the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, in liberty style, it was a cultural salon that hosted famous people.
Right at the Gambrinus, the November 13, there will be a screening of the documentary "Naples Naples ", edited by Ottavio Lucarelli.

Among the interesting initiatives, we remind you of three exhibitions, which will propose an unusual image of Naples, enhancing the almost forgotten places.


"Naples Metropolitan City"
When: from 24 October 2015 to 7 January 2016
Where: near the cloister of Santa Maria La Nova
Postcards in bas-reliefs created by eleven architects for a utopian vision of the city of Naples

"Backlight 1991-2014"
When: from 24 October 2015 to 7 January 2016
Where: near the cloister of S. Maria La Nova
The exhibition tells the South Italy of the last 25 years with shots, even unpublished, of Neapolitan photographers such as Mario Laporta, Carlo Hermann, Salvatore Laporta, Alfonso Di Vincenzo, Roberta Basile, Alessio Buccafusca.

The masterpieces of the Metropolitan City of Naples
When: from 21 November 2015 to 7 January 2016
Where: in the hall of Palazzo Matteotti and the Palace of Portici
One hundred masterpieces among paintings, sculptures and objects of popular tradition owned by the metropolitan city.

The complete program of the event is available on the site of Illuminiamo the monuments.

Information on Illuminate the monuments inside and out

When: from the 19 October 2015 to the 7 January 2016
Where: Palazzo Matteotti, Santa Maria La Nova Complex, Royal Palace of Portici, Gambrinus Café
Contacts: 0812395666 from Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.00 | Official websiteFacebook page of the event

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