At the Agnano Hippodrome in Naples the 2018 summer begins with music, Hawaiian party and entertainment

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At the Agnano Hippodrome the most anticipated summer 2018 events in Naples are at the start with bears at night, music, Hawaiian party and entertainment for children.

Summer has come and the Agnano Racecourse Park a Napoli is ready to open its gates in favor of the many families and all those who intend to have fun thanks to the countless events scheduled. The appointment is for the inauguration to be held on Saturday 30 June 2018, the date on which it will be possible to attend the spectacular nighttime trotting races.

To enliven the evening there will be the presence of numerous guests who, starting from 20, will hold several shows: among these the DJ Gigi Soriani, I Secret, Francesco Da Vinci and many others.

There will also be entertainment for the little ones thanks to the possibility of ride the ponies and the numerous entertainment activities, among which certainly stands out theHawaian Party.

Starting from 18.30 hours all at Agnano Racecourse Park, to spend a family evening full of fun.

Below you can view the entire program of the evening



Entrance to the Agnano Racecourse Park.


Night trot race and Grand Prix of the City of Naples which will take place Open on 2000 m.

Hours 19.00 22.00-

Hawaiian party. Flower necklaces will be offered to all participants and a themed makeup will be performed. Presence of manual laboratory in which you will realize flip-flops to wear during the party. For the little ones entertainment with themed games, puppet theater, group dances and closing parade with floral compositions of free balloons.


Live music. Guests on the Radio Marte stage have various artists such as Gigio Rosa, DJ Set Gigi Soriani and Francesco Mastrandea. The presence of I Segreta, Miky, Francesco Da Vinci and Gemini is highly anticipated and they will perform with their latest hits.

The presence inside the Agnano Racecourse Park of a Street Food corner where you can enjoy fried and baked pizza, while at a cost of 1 euro children can experience the thrill of riding a pony.

Info about events at the Agnano Hippodrome

When: Saturday June 30 2018

Where: Agnano Racecourse Park, via Raffaele Ruggiero 1

Schedule: Starting at 18.30

Price: Euro 5 family formula (adult + children free up to 1,30m + free drink)

Contacts: Official site

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