The Marotta & Cafiero di Scampia publishing house publishes a work by Stephen King

Stephen King
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Extraordinary news in Naples: the publishing house Marotta & Cafiero di Scampia will publish the last work of the great Stephen King!

The Neapolitan publishing house Marotta & Cafiero di Scampia, will publish the last work of the great American writer and screenwriter StephenKing. This is extraordinary news as well as a great satisfaction for the whole city of Naples and the Campania region.

Marotta & Cafiero publishes King's work

It will probably be called Guns - Against weapons the new masterpiece by Stephen King, the great writer who chose the Neapolitan publishing house for publication.

A great satisfaction and an immense joy for the owner of the Marotta & Cafiero, Rosario Esposito La Rossa, who has been running his business since 2010, when he was only 19, a symbol of success and redemption in a difficult area like that of Scampia.

Currently the Neapolitan publishing house is also publishing many works by great Neapolitan writers, including Luigi Compagnone, Domenico Rea, Raffaele La Capria and Carlo Bernari, whose works are found in the Neapolitan literature series The Scarrafoni.

Rosario Esposito La Rossa, together with his collaborators who with him take care of the management of the publishing house, is also involved in the territory with a special project, namely the bookshop The Scugnizzeria di Scampia.  


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