The Moon in the Well at the Lapis Museum in Naples: a special visit for children

Lapis Museum

NarteA, the Cultural Association of Naples, organizes for Sunday 24 September at 11:00 a new appointment for the project “Little explorers discover” dedicated to children and to the discovery of the most beautiful historical-cultural sites in Naples.

The new event that children can take part in is The Moon in the Well which will take place at the Lapis Museum. They will have the opportunity to descend into the bowels of the city, on an evocative and wonderful underground journey through the centuries. They will be on the program educational games and a fun treasure hunt, all of which will take place in the presence of a guide.

The program of La luna nel Pozzo

For this beautiful experience we will start from Church of Pietrasanta and from here the children with their guide will leave for a special journey that will take them to discover the underground city, which among other things also contains the ancient Roman aqueduct and one of the shelters that welcomed many Neapolitans fleeing from the bombings in Second World War.

The children will thus get to know some figures that are part of the history and tradition of our Naples, like the little monk, the goddess Diana and many others. They will get to know the legends through activities and games, all while having fun together.

All children aged 5 and over can participate reservation required to the following contacts 339.7020849 – 333.3152415.

Contacts and information

Lapis Museum Facebook page | NarteA Facebook page | Official site | reservations: 339.7020849 - 333.3152415

  • Where: Church of Pietrasanta
  • When: Sunday 24 September 2023, from 11:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Children's ticket: €15
    • Companion ticket: €7
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Written by Serena De Luca
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