The biggest sfogliatella in the world in Naples: in Piazza Garibaldi a sweet from 75 chili

In Naples, a record-breaking sfogliatella
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It will be fired in Naples the largest sfogliatella in the world and will weigh well 75 chili!

Friday May 25 2018 will be cooked the biggest sfogliatella in the world in a special large oven set up in Piazza Garibaldi in Naples and that will amaze everyone present with a sweet well 75 chili. Citizens, tourists and various curious people will be able to participate in this original party in honor of the sfogliatella with an exceptional godmother, the host Roberta Capua.

The initiative was born from an idea of ​​Antonio Ferrieri, owner of the pastry shop Cuori di sfogliatella, which for some years has brought this to new life traditional Neapolitan dessert making it in numerous variations, even salty, including Vesuviella, the Bourbon and the ice cream cone.

The idea is now to create a Guinness World Record sfogliatella and to do so they will be used 20 semolina kilos, 30 ricotta kilos, 20 kilos of sugar and 6 kilos of candied oranges. The undertaking will be titanic, but the result will be truly amazing and the giant sfogliatella will be baked in the afternoon.

Information on the Guinness sfogliatella

When: 25 May 2018

Where: Hearts of Sfogliatella - Piazza Garibaldi, 93/94

Schedule: from 15.30 am to 17.30 pm

Price: free participation

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