The Genial Friend, the third season and an award in Spain arrive

The brilliant friend 2

The Genial Friend, the very famous TV series set in Naples, wins an international award and in the meantime the third season is coming!

The brilliant friend, the TV series set in a Naples in the 50s and which takes inspiration from the novels of the mysterious writer Elena Ferrante, it is confirmed to be a true masterpiece with the winning in Spain of a prestigious international award.

Its success seems to be unstoppable, in fact after the release of the first two seasons, the last one aired in February of this year, and which kept millions of viewers glued to the TV, everything seems to be ready for the third season, inspired by the third and penultimate novel.

The Brilliant Friend, story of the new surname: winning the prize

The Brilliant Friend, history of the new surname, la second season which tells of the friendship of Lila and Lenù and their adventures, he participated in the sixty-seventh edition of the Ondas International Television Award, in Spain, and turned out to be the best among 490 applications from 20 countries around the world.

In particular, the second season of the Brilliant Friend, has been awarded for radio, music and television productions, as well as for the desire to use the Neapolitan dialect and for being able to represent the overbearing female vision of the world. 


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Written by Serena De Luca
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