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Many events, shows, visits, parties, exhibitions, concerts, conferences and walks for the May of 2015 Monuments!

The program of May of the 2015 Monuments will be rich in activities, meetings, shows, concerts, exhibitions, parties, walks and many other events that aim to enhance the history, culture and traditions of Naples and that will leave from the April 23 to the 2 June 2015.

The title of this year's edition, "'O core' and Napule | Choirs, hearts and colors of Naples”Condenses to perfection the meaning of all the cultural proposals conceived for the initiative. Like every year, at the center of the whole calendar of events there is always the discovery and rediscovery of our artistic heritage through a whole series of activities that will be divided into paths that will follow those who are, in fact, the choirs, hearts and colors of the city. Everything, however, will be embellished with an anticipation that will affect the last week of April.

Il program of the event can be downloaded at the end of the article.

Prologue on Giacomo Leopardi

From the 23 30 April, are expected appointments dedicated to the poet Giacomo Leopardi, organized on the occasion of the restoration and reopening to the public of the tomb dedicated to him in Parco Vergiliano of Piedigrotta.
There will be an inaugural conference on the spot, followed in the days following meetings, conferences, guided tours and exhibitions that testify Leopardi's deep bond with Naples.
To know all the itineraries, you can consult ours article dedicated to the event.


Choirs and music

One of the main themes of the Maggio dei Monumenti 2015, as anticipated, will be that of the "choirs". Music has always been a fundamental part of our city and, to honor it, a program called "Cori, C (u) ori and Col (o) ri"In which gods itinerant choirs and not who will perform in conservatories, in the streets of musical instruments and in theaters. There will be concerts of all kinds, such as those of the Vivarium Novum Academy, which will perform ancient songs in Latin and Greek.

Hearts and colors

The second theme of the program is the love, a feeling which all the editions of the May of Monuments were inspired. Love that the city expresses in many ways and continuously: already with the beating heart of the Festival of the Kiss we have had an example, pixelated heart that will continue to beat also for the whole month of May.
Love that we find, together with the colors, also in the verse of Pino Daniele, “Napul è mille culure” and which confirms the passion that pervades an entire city. Some will be dedicated to the Neapolitan bluesman special itineraries in collaboration with the exhibition Rock !.


The 5 weeks of May of the Monuments

The colors will be the main protagonists of the five paths that will identify the program of the May of Monuments: red, black and white, blue, yellow, green. Everyone will be associated with a week full of events.

  • Red Week: from 1 to 7 May 2015, in the sign of blood and passion
  • Black and white week: from 8 to 14 May 2015, it recalls the piano keys, music, choirs and instruments in general.
  • Blue Week: from 15 to 21 May 2015, takes the color of the sky and the sea
  • Yellow Week: from 22 to 28 May 2015, the color of the tuff of the palaces of Naples and the gold of its treasures
  • Green Week: from 29 May to 2 June 2015, recalls the color of parks, hidden gardens and cloisters


May Program of 2015 Monuments

As you can understand, therefore, it will be a long program full of initiatives, which includes events throughout the city. It will be The Night of the Philosophers with dialogues and comparisons of ideas, The Seat Joust with renaissance events and the reference to the old seats, will continue exhibitions already active as the one on works by Milo Manara e The Beautiful or the True. In short, many activities to choose from, almost a thousand events, routes and meetings, which you can discover by downloading the complete program of the Maggio dei Monumenti 2015.

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