Mattarella at the Royal Palace of Caserta, roads closed and traffic arrangements

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On the occasion of the arrival of Sergio Mattarella at the Royal Palace of Caserta, scheduled for the Thursday February 29 2024, the city of Caserta is preparing to welcome the President of the Republic with special safety measures.

An ordinance issued by the commander of the municipal police, Colonel Antonio Piricelli, applies some changes to the circulation vehicular e pedestrian to ensure the smooth running of the visit.

Traffic device in Caserta, what does it provide: roads closed

To better manage the influx of visitors and guarantee the safety, changes have been made to the road network which will affect various areas of the city.

Below is the detail of the restrictions:

  • No Parking (06:00-19:00) and Forced Removal:
    • Elliptical Avenue: from the intersection with the Maria Amalia di Sassonia underpass to Piazza Garibaldi and from the intersection with the Carlo Vanvitelli underpass to Viale Douhet.
    • Verdi street: between via Nazario Sauro and piazza Garibaldi.
    • Via Fanin, Via Passionisti (between via Calabria and via S. Francesco di Paola), Via Torrino, Avenue Douhet (from via Torrino to piazza Carlo di Borbone), Via dei Giardini Reali, Via Vaccheria, Via Belvedere di San Leucio (entire stretch), Avenue Douhet (from via Santa Clara to via Santagata), Via Nazario Sauro (from via Vittorio Veneto to via Verdi on the right side).
  • Transit ban (from 10:00 until no longer necessary):
    • In the same streets indicated for the parking ban.
    • Via Gasparri: from the corner with Piazza Prefettura to the corner with Piazza Gramsci/Corso Trieste.
  • Arrangements for Buses and Taxi:
    • Extra-urban buses: Viale Carlo III, between Viale della Libertà and Via Vivaldi, on the right side.
    • City buses: Viale Medaglie d'Oro, towards Piazza Andolfato, on the right side.
    • Taxi: Via Nazario Sauro, on the right side of the current direction of travel.

Le measures have been studied for minimize inconvenience and ensure that the President's visit takes place in a context of security and order, demonstrating the city's attention to welcoming such important events.

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